Radio Mirchi helps revive Bandstand culture in Mumbai

Mumbai : In an age, where the significance of ‘music’ is restricted to Bollywood numbers, the Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Indiatourism Mumbai along with Mumbai’s No.1 Radio station – Radio Mirchi present a colourful mélange of the music of youth bands through their ‘Bandstand revival’ programme.

Through a series of live band performances, thousands of young Mumbaikars have been getting and will continue to get a feel of the old world music charm this summer as the traditional Bandstand Culture comes back in its most robust and vibrant form.

These band performances which began in early February with bands like Rang, playing live at the Hanging Garden, Malabar Hills from 5.30-7.30 pm every Saturday will continue at the same time and day till May end with a new band every week.

Amongst these talented performers, the band that performed in the last week of March was the band ‘Koshish’ that was auditioned and selected on Radio Mirchi’s Saturday night show Club Mirchi, through the immensely popular section ‘Band Banao, Jeeturaaj ko Sunao’ with RJ Jeeturaaj.

Koshish’s performance on Saturday, 27th March, resulted in an overwhelming response with the youth turning up in large numbers and incessantly cheering and applauding with enjoyment…. and going by this response, Radio Mirchi decided to flag off the second edition of the contest.

Once again bands will be auditioned and one selected band will get a chance to perform amidst music lovers. Radio Mirchi will give another chance to an aspiring, gifted rock band to exhibit their musical flamboyance to Mumbaikars at the Hanging gardens, Malabar Hill from 5.30-7.30 pm on Saturday, 15th May 2010.

In a heartfelt salute to the Bandstand Culture of the golden days, institutional bands have been and will continue to evoke the nostalgia of the older generation with patriotic numbers and mesmerize the audience with traditional folk performances and dances from different states of the country.

The groovy performances, the ethnic flavour, the indomitable Mumbai spirit – every element of this festival promises to be memorable and stay with you for a long time.

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