Radio Mirchi goes live from the Mumbai Marathon

Mumbai : Early on Sunday morning as thousands of Mumbaikars took to the streets of Mumbai, running, walking and pledging their support to various causes, India’s hottest radio station and official radio partner for the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM, took it upon itself to cheer and reward Mumbai’s enthusiasts.

The cool wintery morning slowly turned WARM as the sun rose, and then HOT as Radio Mirchi was broadcast live from CST, the starting point of the marathon, and played live along various points on the Dream Run route.

Cheering zones were set up along the route where different genres of music were played, The 90s zone called ‘90’s ke Nautanki’ played music from Mirchi’s ‘Dheemi local’ show, the ‘Retro deewane’ zone played old retro music from the show Purani jeans with Anmol.

At each zone, not only were the Mirchi RJs cheering runners, there was also a livevband dishing out some popular, peppy tracks. The RJ’s also engaged with the audience by giving away Mirchi goodies and distributing whistles, horns. The bands even played out a special Marathon anthem composed by them.

Radio Mirchi RJ’s interacted with various celebrities running the marathon for their chosen charities.

Just like the marathoners had trained well in advance, Mirchi too had been prepping up for the marathon for a while. All month on Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM, listeners were given tips on training for the marathon and a countdown was done to get the excitement going.

However Mirchi’s support to the marathoners did not end here, Radio Mirchi umbrellas were also set up along the 6 kilometre route of the ‘Dream run’ to provide shade to the audience who were there to cheer their participating friends and family.

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