Radio City's Gully Premier League become a huge rage

New Delhi: Season 1 of Radio City 91.1 FM’s Gully Premier League has become a huge rage across Baroda, Surat, Coimbatore, Jaipur, Nagpur and Vizag. Gully Premier League is Radio City’s month long cricket extravaganza with four levels of matches – Qualifiers, Quarter Finals, Semi-finals and Finals between different regions of a city. A whopping total of 15,000 teams have registered across all these cities uptill now surpassing all expectations.

The fire of Gully Premier League has caught on with these cities as it did with the rest of cricket crazy India. With the record number of teams that have registered, Gully Premier League can easily be called one of the biggest properties of Radio City. Jaipur leads the bandwagon with more than 5000 registrations till now. Baroda and Surat are also not far behind, with around 3000 and 2500 teams respectively. Nagpur, Vizag and Coimbatore also ride high on excitement with 15oo teams each.

The qualifier matches start from next week. The semi-finals and grand finale are scheduled on 9th for Jaipur, for other cities it is the 2nd of June.

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