Radio City’s ATM floods Delhi with Cash

Mumbai: Radio City 91.1 FM recently came up with the unique ‘Radio City ATM’ contest that created a great buzz in the in Delhi. This innovative contest brought a collage of three voices for our listeners, one who recognizes all the three voices wins a whopping prize of Rs 10,000. With more than 1 lakh rupees given out over the first 4 days, ‘Radio City ATM’ really managed to create a rage.

‘Radio City ATM – All Time Money,’ was a 2-week-long contest that started on June 25. Radio City 91.1 FM played a set of the voices of 3 Bollywood actors who said ‘FM Bole toh Radio City 91.1’. The listeners had to identify these 3 actors. On identifying all the 3 actors correctly made one win a minimum prize-money of Rs 10,000. However the prize increases by Rs 5000 with every subsequent show, in case no listener comes up with the correct answer. So by the end of the day the prize money went up to as high as Rs 30000 – 35000. The next day roll over of the prize added on to the excitement. The game was played on all shows of Radio City, Delhi from 7am to 9 pm.

The simplicity of the contest caught on with our listeners. Over 21,000 sms registrations bear testimony to the huge popularity garnered by ‘Radio City ATM’.

Radio City 91.1 FM is truly happy to have brought a cash shower on its listeners this monsoon. One correct guess could make one richer by thousands.

Mr. Kartik Kalla, National Programming Head, Radio City 91.1 FM, sounded elated as he spoke about the recently concluded contest, “This has been a really unique opportunity to interact with our listeners and reward them for supporting us all through these 11 years. ‘Radio City ATM’ symbolized a killer combination of Bollywood and Radio City, a strategic move to make ourselves ingrained in our listeners’ mind. It plays on the ultimate power of radio – the power of voice”.

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