Radio City uplift the cause of stress amongst children

Mumbai: In the light of so many students committing suicide due to educational and peer pressure, Hon’ble Member of Parliament, Priya Dutt along with India’s leading FM Radio, Radio City 91.1FM endeavour to help with a social initiative, ‘Aji Dil toh Bachcha haiji’.

Keeping the sprit of ‘Poochenge aapka haal rakhenge aapka khayal ‘ alive of Radio City’s breakfast show, Kasa Kai Mumbai, every morning 7 to 11 a.m., the vivacious duo, RJ Salil & Archanaa are out there in the city connecting with people across all strata of society to drive this cause. Right from principals and star alumni of various schools and colleges, to renowned parenting and family counselors such as Dr. Devasena N. Desai from and other activists and local celebrities, the Radio City – Kasa Kai Mumbai show will voice their message and be the hope of deliverance to all students in the city starting April 19, 2010.

‘Aji Dil toh Bachcha haiji’ will try to shift a child’s focus to enjoying his childhood or teenage as opposed to giving in to the much hyped competition in every sphere of life, becoming part of the rat race. It will convince school and college kids that there’s more to life than just being successful at everything they attempt and that suicide is not the option.

Radio City has laid out various activities to induce the cause that will culminate with an educational forum, which will involve special interactions between opinion leaders, decision makers, child psychologists, counsellors, NGOs, parents, teachers and students where they will uphold issues like academic pressures, root learning/ emphasis on scoring marks, exam fixation, alternate education, vocational subjects, parent-child divide and lots more.

This will be interspersed with ‘Radio Talent Express’, a talent show by school children where kids get to display any talent be it drumming, singing, Bollywood impressions, dance, etc. Lot of non-competitive events are planned to ensure that every kid who participates wins something, with a concept that there are no winners and no losers.

Priya Dutt says, “The number of student suicides in our country is alarming. All these show that something is not right. I do associate with organizations like FLY for the initiative ‘Life is Beautiful’ and so this cause from Radio City – ‘Aji Dil toh Bachcha haiji’ to make students realize that success is not everything and life is a gift of god is a very special one.”

Apurva Purohit, CEO, Radio City 91.1FM shares her views on this initiative, “Through ‘Aji Dil toh Bachcha haiji’ we aim to communicate that the world is not just about mark sheets or an aimless rat race. Children need to have fun during the journey of learning instead of only worrying about the destination. This is an extension of our programming philosophy of connecting with people emotionally and making a difference in their lives.”

The successful running of City ki Taxi as well as the special feature of RJ’s celebrating at lucky listener home with the Kanda Bhajji party and Chai Garam, extended towards the Mumbai traffic policemen and offering Breakfast on the move with City ka Nashta, today Radio City’s Kasa Kai Mumbai show connected to Mumbaikars reaches out to children of Mumbai city with Aji Dil toh Bachcha Haiji.

A sustained focus on understanding listeners and leveraging the synergies of music expertise and innovative programming, allows Radio City to deliver a unique listening experience and be an integral part of the lives of listeners. Aggressively looking at spreading the Radio City experience across the country, Radio City 91.1FM is committed to growing the market and creating superlative content for premium audiences.

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