Radio City RJs to meet soldiers in Kargil this Independence Day

New Delhi: This Independence Day Radio City 91.1FM is giving a voice to every Indian soldier. The ‘real’ heroes risking their lives in the border are going to be on Radio City 91.1 FM on 15th Aug, as they share their experiences with our RJs visiting the Kargil border.

Most of us can recognize the face or the voice of a Bollywood actor in a nano-second. But have we ever heard the voices of the brave men and women who serve in the Indian Army? These men are at the border, away from their homes and families; helping us to retain our pride and our sovereignty. This Independence Day, Radio City 91.1FM will bring its listeners in touch with these real heroes.

RJ Addi from Radio City 91.1 FM is going to Kargil to meet and thank the Indian soldiers serving at the border. Getting permission from the Ministry of Defence was a herculean task, but having managed that, RJ Addi is off to Kargil and will spend 3-4 days with the soldiers.

All Radio City wants is to thank our soldiers, express our gratitude to them for protecting our country while risking their own lives. RJ Addi will talk to them, understand the hardships they endure each day and in boost their morale. Back home our listeners can also send their good wishes to the soldiers through letters and cards which will be delivered to them. Radio City is making special efforts to collect these messages right from the listeners’ doorstep in case they cannot make it to the Radio City office. Radio City vows not to let a single message go waste.

Once in Kargil, RJ Addi will share his experience of being on the border live on-air. Special slots on August 14th and 15th will see song dedications by the soldiers. Our RJs will also be connecting with the soldiers’ families back home and listen to their side of the story.

Speaking on this path-breaking initiative, Kartik Kalla, National Programming Head, Radio City 91.1 FM, says, “Every Indian across the globe takes pride in our army. Meeting them this Independence Day is Radio City’s way of saying that ‘we care’. We have experimented with innovative and unique formats of programming at Radio City but this is something absolutely novel. All kinds of logistics problems notwithstanding, we are really proud to have made this possible. The huge number of listener messages pouring in is additional encouragement for us. Not only this, across the country we have also received a lot of messages and letters for our soldiers which we will be carrying for them”

Let this Independence Day not be just another holiday, with patriotism being limited to singing the National Anthem for a few minutes. Radio City promises to make this Independence Day special by thanking the men who matter, the real heroes.

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