Radio City retains supremacy in Mumbai

Radio City 91.1 FM has emerged a clear No 1 in Mumbai as per the RAM rating of the week 30. Radio City continues to retain its supremacy in the SEC AB 12+ with share of 15.7 % in Mumbai and the highest share of 15.6 % on weekday, 16.3% on weekend!

It is creating ripples in the airwaves with its shows like ‘Kal Bhi Aaj Bhi’, Kasa Kai Mumbai, Joyride and the one and only favourite agony uncle on Indian radio Love Guru. These shows have captured the hearts of millions of listeners and made Radio City 91.1 FM the most popular station in India. Radio City has innovative programming content, friendly radio jockeys and fresh music which caters to the audiences across India. Radio City understands its listeners and believes in giving the content that its listeners prefer.

Commenting on Radio City’s performance, Ashit Kukian – COO, Radio City, “Radio City has always been the people’s station. We have believed in delivering content which our listeners like. We always check the pulse of our listeners and design our shows accordingly.”

Radio City 91.1 FM, India’s first and leading private FM brand has entertained and enthralled the nation for over 8 years now. While it has continuously delighted its listeners with path-breaking music and content that includes Babber Sher, Buddha Bar, Love Guru and many exciting initiatives like Musical-e-Azam, Kadki Hatao, RC Live, etc., Radio City has not left any stone unturned in playing a stronger, more impactful role in the life of its citizens and the City. This is particular for Mumbai, the City of Dreams, where Radio City 91.1 FM has contributed in more ways than one.

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