Radio City organises Radio City League

Mumbai : As the cricket mania reaches a feverish pitch with the last leg of IPL 3, Radio City RJs too had their hand on the game. Bringing the season’s on screen hungama of the matches across the nation alive, Radio City, India’s first and leading FM radio brand, organised an exciting cricket match between two teams, breakfast show, Kasa Kai Mumbai, RJ Salil XI and evening show, Joyride RJ Rohit XI teams. Listeners were invited to cheer and play with their favorite RJs.

To depict the true spirit of the game Radio City RJs Salil, Archanaa, Mamta, Adaa, Rohit, and Gaurav were all dressed-up in complete cricket gear and held the bat against the open ball game, backed by strong supporters. The RJs, Radio City employees and the listeners had Whatte Fun time as Radio City had created an action packed pavilion experience at Khar gymkhana.

The Radio City League showcased sportsmanship, camaraderie spirit and the true cricket talent of Radio City RJ’s and it was an exciting, nail-biting experience with loads of applauds from the fanfare as each listener supported a team. Funky cheerleaders and a DJ to add that extra zing were thrown in to create the magic of Cricket; the sport the nation loves the most.

Besides the live pergola action, listeners got a chance to meet, bond and connect with their favorite RJs and had a blast watching the Radio City edition of IPL – Radio City League.

A sustained focus on understanding listeners and leveraging the synergies of music expertise and innovative programming, allows Radio City to deliver a unique listening experience and be an integral part of the lives of listeners. Aggressively looking at spreading the Radio City experience to new markets across the country, Radio City 91.1FM is committed to growing the market and creating superlative content for discerning audiences.

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