Radio City launches India’s first Indie music web radio 'Freedom Radio'

Mumbai: ‘Freedom Radio’ the latest addition by Radio City 91.1 FM launched on it’s 11th Anniversary, has released its theme song ‘Hum Sab Hai Yahaan’.
‘Freedom Radio’ on, is India’s first dedicated web radio for Indie music that will showcase independent artists from across diverse genres expressing themselves in diverse languages and attempts to be a platform that supports exciting talent across the country.

‘Hum Sab Hain Yahan’ is the theme song of ‘Freedom Radio’ that captures the perfect essence of ‘Freedom Radio’ by highlighting the spirit of independence. Composed by band ‘The Sketches’ from Sindh, Pakistan ‘Hum Sab Hain Yahan’ symbolizes the purpose of Freedom Radio – an all-inclusive platform for music from across genres. Genre no bar, language no bar, good music is the only ticket to ‘Freedom Radio’.

‘Hum Sab Hain Yahan’ was played simultaneously across five cities during the ‘Freedom Hour’ on 3rd July, ushering in Freedom Radio. The band ‘Aks’ from Bangalore came up with the wonderful lyrics for the song while ‘The Sketches’ arranged them in a unique composition. In the words of the composers, “nature has been the inspiration for the song” and this comes across beautifully in the video for the song.

The video showcases all aspects of nature – the land of Sindh, the birds, lakes, sea – the symphony in nature translates to the symphony of ‘Freedom Radio’. The beauty of Sindh makes ‘Hum Sab Hain Yahan’ unforgettable. This simple song is an ode to the simplicity of nature’s beauty, to its independence that forms the core of ‘Freedom Radio’. Just as nature’s beauty cannot be harnessed, Freedom Radio is unlimited, relentless and not bound by any barrier – language, culture, genre or country.

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