Radio City announces Cars, not OK… initiative

Mumbai: Cars, not OK, on Car Free Day. Radio City 91.1FM has partnered KBS Foundation & Fountainhead Promotions & Events Pvt. Ltd. to promote Car Free Day on 21st February, 2010. The Car Free Day is aimed at reducing the use of cars for a day with the objective of creating awareness about the benefits of fuel free transportation and aspiring for a cleaner environment! On that day, Radio City urges Mumbaikars to take up fun modes of transportation like cycling, skating, skate boarding, walking, or even piggy backing with the exception of using motorized transport. And to tell Mumbaikars more about it will be Priya Dutt, a prominent citizen gave an exclusive interview on Radio City in support of this cause.

The activity is being promoted on Radio City’s Breakfast show, Kasa Kai Mumbai, the show that cares about the well-being of the Mumbaikar and touches upon everything that’s relevant to him. RJs Salil & Archanaa will educate the listeners about the ill-effects of the traffic congestion that is caused due to motorized transport. Radio City RJ’s will be part of the action by giving citizens live updates directly from Carter Road on Car Free Day.

Commenting on this initiative, Apurva Purohit, CEO, Radio City stated, “A better environment is the need of the day but citizens are not always clear of how to make a contribution, for this reason Radio City has partnered a cause giving every individual a chance to partake in the activity and make a difference without having to spend money. The objective is bringing together organizations and individuals dedicated to promoting alternatives to car dependence and reducing the impact of carbon emissions.”

Madhu Poplai, Neera Sahgal, Renuka Tahiliani and Ranjiv Jhangiani, the co-founders of KBS Foundation expressed their happiness on the partnership and are grateful that Radio City has taken up the cause of working towards a greener and eco friendly environment. Talking about the initiative they said the whole idea of the project of “active transportation i.e. walking and cycling” is to change the attitude of Mumbaikars towards the use of cars.

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