Radio City 91.1FM Delhi announces female centric programming

Delhi’s Radio City 91.1FM has announced that it is hosting City Ki Kitty, an ongoing campaign divided in two phases spread across two months to target female listeners .

From June 15, the on–air City Ki Kitty is offering a gala time to the women listeners on Ladies First. A mid morning show from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm for the women of today, it is both progressive and vibrant. There are no boring TV gossips, no preachy fashion and beauty tips, no Bollywood spicy stories. It’s a show that gives a thorough understanding on “Women and their Relationships” and allows them share, talk and open up. Ladies First explores various facets of a woman and her relationships. Relationships that she shares, nurtures, cares, believes in and some she is scared of. On Ladies First women can speak about anything from their deepest secrets to their most superficial awe with the warm, friendly host – RJ Mahiya.

Women listeners those who want to be a part of this spectacular City Ki Kitty show and those who host Kitty parties, need to tune into the Ladies First show and will have to tell RJ Mahiya some interesting facts about their Kitty party. Listeners can participate by sending SMS to CITY <SPACE > KITTY <SPACE> NAME to 57007 or can call at 41719191. During the week, 2 listeners will be selected and RJ Mahiya will visit their homes, where the lucky ladies will have the chance to go live on air, play games and give away prizes. This will culminate into a grand gala event only for women.

Speaking about the campaign, Rana Barua, Executive Vice President, National Head –Programming & Marketing said, ‘We at Radio City always believe in providing innovative and new initiatives to our listeners. And going by the fact that the Ladies First is one of the popular mid morning shows, we decided to offer something different and exciting to our woman listeners. Also addressing the fact that ladies in the city are party hoppers this is a unique way of connecting them on air and offering them the best of the party times.”

Adding further, he said, “Going by the response that we have received in just a few days, we have decided to create a women community in the form of a ‘Kitty Party’ group for our listeners.”

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