Radio City 91.1 FM's Breakfast show gets hearts talking on Star One's 'Dill Mill Gayye'

After enthrallinglisteners every morning on the breakfast show, RJ Archanaa is all set to wow viewers in a special cameo on StarOne’s show Dill Mill Gayye. RJ Archanaawill be seen playing advisor to the protagonist of Star One’s popular youthshow, ‘Dill Mill Gayye’ – a show aimed at the urban youth. The episode willbe aired from February 16, 2009 to February 19, 2009 at 8:30 pm on Star One.

The character ofthe radio jockey on Dill Mill Gayye is of a bubbly, jovial and trendy girl wholoves helping people out through her show called “Silsila Pyaar Ka”.This fictional show hosted by RJ Archanaa is a show where unusual problemsabout loveare dealt with. On receiving a call from one of Dr. Armaan’spatients, Dhruv(who is also a dear friend), the RJ decides to help out Dr.Armaan in his quest to find acceptance from his girlfriend’s father DrShashank. She arrives at the site where Dr. Armaan has pitched his well known tentand then initiates a debate between Dr. Armaan and his prospective father in law,Dr Shashank. The debate ensues and both the sides are heard, with the RJkeeping the tempo going with her oratory skills.The character of the RJhence brings about a platform for Dr. Armaan to voice his feelings and acts abridge between Dr. Armaan and Riddhima.

Star One’s DillMill Gayye is a show set in the backdrop of a hospital, dealing with thepressures, the drama, the romance, the inter personal relationships and humourin the lives of young doctors.

Rana Barua, Executive Vice President and National Head- Programming and Marketing, Radio City 91.1FM said, “As anational FM brand with an unwavering focus on the SEC AB listener, we ensurethat each of our partnerships delivers value to our listeners. Our associationwithStar Oneoffers a very compelling proposition in terms ofbrand-fit – wherein RJ Archanaaa playsan advisor to theprotagonistand this element has been beautifully married into the scriptof the serial.”

A sustained focuson understanding listeners and leveraging the synergies of music expertise andinnovative programming, allows Radio City to deliver a unique listeningexperience and be an integral part of the lives of listeners across markets.Aggressively looking at spreading the Radio City experience across the country,Radio City 91.1FM is committed to growing the market and creating superlativecontent for premium audiences.

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