Radio City 91.1 FM partners Bandra Festival

Mumbai : Radio City 91.1 FM has partnered with the vibrant and eagerly awaited ‘Celebrate Bandra Festival’, bringing to all the revelry and pomp of the Queen of Mumbai’s suburbs. This bi-annual event is an initiative of the Celebrate Bandra Trust and Fountainhead Promotions & Events Pvt. Ltd and in the 2-week long schedule; it fills the city with effervescent and pulsating action from November 14 right until November 29, 2009.

The festival truly brings alive the flavour of Bandra with a combination of performing arts, music, dance, literature, sports, theatre, cuisine and of course every woman’s’ delight – SHOPPING. There are endless activities to join in. Designed for both children and adults, the event offers workshops such as origami, poetry readings and even a photography exhibition throughout the festival duration. The festival aims to showcase the diverse cultures alive in the popular suburb and is larger and more varied than ever before. Radio City 91.1 FM takes immense pride in associating with this festival as the plethora of choices and never-ending action from the beautiful suburb called Bandra is to be experienced to believe. Bandra is, after all, Queen of Suburbs.

Radio City 91.1 FM catches all this action on air and has designed interesting, trivia based contests for listeners across all shows giving them a chance to win passes to the fun filled festival. All the money raised through this event goes directly back into the community to support NGOs and deserving groups in Bandra.

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