Pulse launches Facebook and LinkedIn applications

Singapore: Digital Research Agency – Pulse Group PLC has announced its innovative foray into the social network space, with the launch of it’s ‘Pulse Connect’ Facebook and LinkedIn applications. The newly launched applications will allow the group to tap into a increasingly dominant community of both B2C and B2B participants globally.

‘Pulse Connect’ allows Facebook and LinkedIn user’s to opt-in, and port their profiles while at the same time engaging a more representativeness and higher participation into relevant studies. This breakthrough increases Pulse’s reach to 600 Million Facebook user’s globally, and 112 Million user’s in Asia. As for the B2B audience, this initiative extends their reach to 100 Million user’s globally, and 13.7 Million user’s throughout Asia.

Bob Chua, CEO of Pulse Group PLC commented “We’re extremely excited about this latest approach towards reaching a richer pool of highly engaged respondents allowing survey consumption from multiple platforms, when brands are increasingly tapping onto social networks as part of their communications and insights strategies. This unique approach will be an absolute game-changer”.

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