Pulse launches ‘Pulse Connect’ Facebook Application

Kuala Lumpur: Pulse has officially launched its ‘Pulse Connect’ Facebook Application, which effectively allows it to tap onto the world’s largest social network, as its online panel.

Bob Chua, CEO of Pulse commented “We have always dreamt of having the entire Web audience as our ultimate panel, however Facebook with its n=750m users comes just as close”. The ‘Pulse Connect’ Application allows the Digital Research Agency to draw upon a highly profiled and engaged consumer, from a much larger pool, on a global basis.

Chua added “This game-changing development is a beginning of a series of product innovations which will enhance how we interact with consumers in today’s highly socially connected society, providing the right respondents with the right research at the right time. We will soon launch a similar technology riding on the LinkedIn platform for the B2B audience, and also link to our Mobile research and Branded Community initiatives”.

Pulse believes that the ‘Online Research’ industry has evolved rapidly with the adoption of social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn, and that it was imperative that companies in this space continue to innovate to remain relevant.

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