Publish Asia Kicks Off in Macau

Victor Chan, Director of the Government Information Bureau of the SAR of Macau, on Wednesday opened Publish Asia, the biggest international conference and exhibition for publishers and print industry movers in the Asia Pacific region . Held in conjunction with Publish Asia from 2 to 3 April 2008 is the 7th Annual Asia Media Awards competition. This prestigious contest is organised by IFRA Asia to promote the highest standards of quality and creativity in the publishing industry.

Hundreds of newspapers and magazines in the Asia Pacific region and the Middle East have taken part over the past seven years. This year, a record number of more than five hundred and twenty entries for all categories were received from the Asia Pacific region and the Middle East, a sign that newspapers are aiming at increasingly higher standards of print quality and journalism. The overall outstanding level of quality of these entries demonstrates that the Asian publishing industry is indeed in a very healthy state.

As part of its objective to encourage better journalism, IFRA Asia introduced several new categories this year, such as Best in Special Coverage or Best in Newspaper Online Media.

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