PRCI Third Global Meet in Bangalore from April 3

The city of Bengaluru will play host to the third annual global meet organized by Public Relations Council of India (PRCI), to be held on April 3-4, 2009 at the Hotel Lalit Ashok.

The global meet titled “PRoactive” will focus on the role of PR and corporate communications with special emphasis on social issues and will also feature the much awaited “Annual PRCI Chanakya Awards 2009” and the “PRCI Corporate Collateral Awards 2009.” The ‘Hall of Fame in PR – 2009’ for communication professionals will also be conferred on eminent professionals from the industry during the meet.

This year’s theme will focus on the various social issues that are affecting the country and rest of the world today, including communal disharmony, terrorism, social intolerance, global warming, female infanticide, financial chaos, corruption, traffic woes, water scarcity amongst others and role of communications thereof. The meet will deliberate and discuss on how, as responsible citizens and as experienced PR communication practitioners, these issues can be tackled and addressed.

Addressing the press conference, M.B. Jayaram, Chairman Emeritus & Chief Mentor, National Governing Council, PRCI said, “The PRCI annual global meet is an attempt to provide a common platform for communication professionals to gather and discuss on topical issues affecting the industry and the country as a whole. Year after year, the PRCI annual global meet has established itself as one of the leading international platforms for PR professionals. Last year, we had more than 500 communication practitioners/decision makers of top-performing industries / organisations in India and from around the world participating in the meet.”

“Participants also make long-lasting connections that will help further create a niche in their communication plans and professional careers. On the whole, a professional meet, which we can hope – will not be merely a talk but will translate into action, added Mr. Jayaram.

Speaking about the theme for this year’s global meet, Mr. R.T. Kumar, Vice-President, PRoactive Global Meet, said “There are several issues that exist out there that require our urgent attention. Even though some of them fill close to about 30% of our news space, we as citizens turn a blind eye to them. Most often we feel it’s not our responsibility and leave it all to the government to find solutions. We fail to realize that we as citizens and more so as professionals have an equal responsibility to participate actively and find answers to the existing problems.”

The event will bring together a panel of top communication practitioners of national as well as international distinction for two days of learning, knowledge, sharing, fellowship and inspiration. The aim is to lay emphasis on the action towards eradicating society of its evils with equal participation from all those who live within it.

Talking about the much awaited PRCI Chanakya Awards for national acheivers, Mr. Krishna B. Mariyanka, Organising Secretary – PRoactive Global Meet, Chairman – Bangalore Chapter and Director – National Governing Council, PRCI said, “Chanakya Awards instituted in 2006 is a an important initiative of PRCI and certainly gaining increasing recognition. This year we have had more than 108 entries from all over India under various categories. “Chanakya Awards” is given to those individuals and organizations that have made a difference to the world through their contributions in the field of PR and related communications. It also rewards individuals adding high value to the PR profession, to the corporate world and to the society at large. PRoactive will also witness some of the highly experienced and super performing industry professionals (only a select few) being honored and inducted into the esteemed “Hall of fame in PR” as the ultimate accolade for PR individuals.”

The first day will begin with an inaugural session and a keynote address by some of the leading names from the corporate sector on “Corporate Social Responsibility-Is it really a social concern or another brand building exercise?” This will be followed with topical sessions starting with “Social PR works- A myth or reality?” and then on “Impact of media on socially relevant issues” followed by “How can corporate communications contribute to making a better society?” The topical sessions will be followed by the announcement of the PR Chanakya Awards on the first day. The second day will begin with a session on “Does PR require radical changes in the present economic and social scenario?” followed by a panel discussion on media ombudsman- Yes of No? The last session will include presentation of case studies and discussions on how PR and corporate communications can contribute to social needs.

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