Popular Prakashan to publish I GET IT!

Hyderabad: Popular Prakashan, India’s leading publishing house, currently in its 85th year, has tied up with DeAgostini, the world’s leading publisher of partworks. Under a license agreement with DeAgostini, Popular Prakashan is releasing a unique new children’s book series – I GET IT! – in Andhra Pradesh.

This is the first launch of a partwork encyclopedia in India – a very popular form of continuity publishing in markets across the world. The series, available at the very attractive price of Rs.70 per weekly part, is being released through an intensive advertising campaign beginning on the 12th November. As a special launch offer, Part 2 comes free with Part 1.

DeAgostini is a global leader in continuity publishing and this is their first product release in the Indian market. Created by DeAgostini, I GET IT! has been published successfully in several international markets including Japan. This unique series builds into a complete encyclopedia of how things work. It uses cartoon characters and a comic-book style to explain those everyday questions that children often ask their parents, such as: why the sky is blue, how old the Earth is, how do nails grow, why does a compass always point north, why do children look like their parents and many more. It’s great for parents, too, for it helps them answer those tricky questions!

Speaking on the occasion, Harsha Bhatkal, Director, Popular Prakashan said, “We are very excited to bring this unique series to India. I GET IT! will not only inform children but also entertain them. I GET IT! will also provide an opportunity to Indian children to build their very own encyclopedia in affordable parts.”

Adrian O’Connell, DeAgostini Managing Director- Japan and Asia added, “We are very proud to release the product in India starting with Andhra Pradesh. This is first of our many products that we will be introducing in India. We recognize the need to adapt the product to local requirements and after an intensive research, we have adapted I GET IT! for Indian children.”

I GET IT! is divided into six separate sections: Exploring the Universe, The Explorers, A Tiny Adventure, Our Unique World, How Do Things Work and Amazing Numbers. What’s more, a specially designed easy-to-use binder is free with the third part. Each page of I GET IT! can be pulled out easily. The different coloured dividers help separate the chapters. The dividers help categorize the six chapters according to the titles and page numbers. Each part has the same format, so that the reader can file all the parts accordingly.

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