'Political Theater, Not Debate' Says Branding Expert Alan Siegel

“Last night was political theater, not a real debate,” says Alan Siegel, Founder and CEO of leading brand strategy firm Siegel+Gale. “The American people are yearning to hear the authentic, credible voices of the candidates in these debates — not prepackaged ‘message points,’ winks, or posturing.”

Alan Siegel pioneered the concept of “Corporate Voice” over 25 years ago. Since then, he has been helping the world’s leading corporations and organizations develop powerfully positioned, clear, consistent, and resonant communications to their many audiences.

“The moderator contributed to the lack of debate by allowing Palin to insert her own programmed responses instead of answering the questions.Palin’s repeated name dropping — trying to prove that she could pronounce difficult names — was annoying.Inserting her meeting with Kissinger into the conversation was laughable.During a time of such national crisis, the American people deserve more , says Alan Siegel “

Siegel is one of the world’s premier strategic branding companies. Since it was founded by Alan Siegel in 1969, the firm has applied the art and science of simplicity to create branding programs that have helped many of the world’s best-known organizations excel. Driven by its philosophy of “Simple is Smart,” Siegel+Gale has led the way in bringing innovation to the corporate branding field, including transforming complex, incomprehensible customer communications into plain English; helping clients create distinctive brand voices across all their communications; transporting brands onto the Internet; and aligning the brand experience for customers with the brand promise.

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