PlayUp Crosses over 5 lac downloads within 2months on the iTunes Store

New Delhi: Adding a new dimension to LIVE Sports Engagement, PlayUp, the global leader in live and interactive social mobile gaming, today announced the launch of the beta version of its application on the web after great success on the iOS platform. The app provides an opportunity to sports fans to follow their choice of sport from thousands of live games in real time. At the same time fans can discuss the action with fellow enthusiasts on their mobile and computing devices. PlayUp’s WEB beta version will further harness the cricket fever in the region and allow millions of cricket fans to create private rooms and banter as the action unfolds on-ground.

By creating a never-before-experienced interactive platform for sports lovers and social networkers, PlayUp achieved 500,000 downloads in two months, and is the #5 app on the iOS App Store in India. PlayUp has been climbing the charts in countries like Australia and USA too where it is on the #5 spot. The fact that the app is #1 in Singapore, #2 in Vietnam, #4 in The Netherlands and Kazakhstan and #6 in Israel is testament, not just to the popularity of Sports but also PlayUp’s. With new releases for the Web, iOS and Android platforms on the horizon, PlayUp is set to dominate the mind-space of every sports fan.

Commenting on the launch of the beta version, Rajat Kulshrestha, CEO, PlayUp India said, “Launching PlayUp WEB beta on the occasion of the legendary cricket series between India and Australia is a huge step for us. We all know how this series swings the cricketing fortunes of both the cricket playing countries and this time we wish to expand the experience of being a part of the game to our subscribers as well. Through PlayUp, cricket aficionados can be a part of the game, share experiences and put in their comments on play sequences which gives them an opportunity to live the game. Knowing how passionate people are of both the countries about the series, we intend to give them a 360° experience of the game.”

Steve Waugh, the brand ambassador of PlayUp says, “The unique feature of PlayUp is that it enables sports fans to take part in the atmosphere of the game even when they can’t be at the ground. The great thing about sport is everyone has an opinion –you want your mates to think your opinion is the right one and vice-versa. What I love about PlayUp is that it allows you to easily talk about a situation or phase of the game – and you can voice this opinion easily through the iPhone app or website as you are watching the game.”

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