Platinum Outdoor launches OOH campaign for Bingo Mad Angles

ITC Foods is the latest company to make use of hoardings in its recent outdoor campaign for its snacks brand, Bingo Mad Angles.

The main campaign was ideated by O&M Bengaluru, which had created a TV commercial with the idea, Har angle se Mmmm, set in a boardroom. The topic of discussion in the boardroom was the best angle for consuming the snack. After consuming the crisp, the boss confirms that it is ‘Mmmm’ from every angle.

The challenge for the outdoor campaign, created by Madison’s specialist outdoor agency, Platinum Outdoor, was to communicate the brand promise in an innovative and effective way on the traditional OOH format – the billboard. The campaign featured a cut-out of a Bingo Mad Angles triangular chip mounted on a billboard. The chip rotated in a slow and steady motion, powered by an electric motor. The hoarding carried the tagline, Har angle se Mmmm.

Lokesh Kumar, vice-president, Platinum Outdoor said, “The simplicity of the idea, the production quality and the strategic positioning of the billboards were the key reasons for its success. People do not spend more than three-five seconds gazing at a hoarding and therefore, it had to be eye-catching”.

The campaign, which was executed across various locations in Mumbai, kicked off in January and ran till mid-February.

VL Rajesh, general manager, marketing, ITC Foods, commented on the use of outdoor innovation, “We believe that outdoor innovation is a clutter breaking format and we will continue to use it effectively. At the same time, we need to do this in a manner that is cost effective. Though we have used outdoor in the past, this innovation is certainly the most noticeable of the lot.”

Source:Bombay adclub

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