Platform-A Joins New Publicis Groupe Open-Source Partnership

Platform-A AOL’s advertising business, has announced that it is joining the newly launched open source strategic partnership led by the Publicis Groupe that will deliver the largest Audience on Demand network in the industry. The newly launched VivaKi Nerve Center, a division of Publicis Groupe, will work to integrate with Platform-A, connecting audiences across AOL’s leading media properties and the thousands of websites participating in the network. The partnership will enable the Publicis Groupe, on behalf of its advertising clients, to plan and buy audience targeting across Platform-A and other advertising networks with a single campaign.

“This partnership is another step in delivering on the promise of Platform-A to become the most effective and efficient global marketplace for the buying and selling of digital advertising,”said Lynda Clarizio, President of Platform-A. “Platform-A is the industry’s largest ad platform, with a comprehensive suite of global marketing solutions, powered by the Web’s best advertising technologies. The reach and global audience that we can offer to the Publicis Groupe through Platform-A will be valuable to marketers and ultimately consumers, who will receive advertising that is more relevant to their needs and interests.”

“The VivaKi Nerve Center has orchestrated an open source solution across the world’s largest digital media companies to integrate global audiences while also providing diversity, liquidity and transparency of content,”said David Kenny, managing partner of Publicis Groupe’s VivaKi. “Platform-A’s involvement is critical to the success of our Audience on Demand network which provides clients for the first time access to an audience of this scale through a single point of entry with optimized pricing.”

The Audience on Demand Network will enable clients to connect with precisely defined global audiences – e.g., moms, travelers, dog owners – in a single campaign buy across the multiple networks. To date, agencies and clients have had to work through a highly fragmented media environment of ad networks, exchanges and direct publisher relationships.

AOL recently announced the expansion of Platform-A in Europe, offering advertisers in the U.S. and across Europe reach, relevance and richness with the most advanced optimization and behavioral targeting, combining AOL’s leading media properties with’s third party networks, including social media, affiliate marketing, search, video and mobile through one insertion order and one point of contact.

Platform-A is the industry’s largest digital advertising platform, offering the most comprehensive suite of marketing solutions, powered by the Web’s best advertising technologies. Platform-A includes AOL’s leading media properties –, AIM, MapQuest, and more – and’s third party networks. Platform-A also includes TACODA’s audience insights and behavioral targeting; Quigo, a site- and content-targeting solution; ADTECH, an international digital ad serving business; Third Screen Media, a mobile ad serving network; and, an affiliate marketing solution. Platform-A currently has operations in the United States, nine countries across Europe, including Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, the UK, and Japan through a joint venture with Mitsui.

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