Pizza Hut Launches light, funny and warm TVC

New Delhi:The leading affordable casual dining restaurant brand in India, Pizza Hut, launches a new TVC campaign to announce the launch of “Pasta Masti”. In line with its tagline of Pizzas and Much More the range has 11 delicious pastas and is all about trying classic and new flavours and formats of pasta and having a great time doing it.

The new TVC campaign went on air nationally 5th July and is a light, funny and warm TVC shot with friends, mirroring the “Masti” they can have with the new range.

The TVC aims and achieves making pasta a fun product, ideal for sharing with friends and takes it out of the zone of expensive Italian restaurants.
The ad begins with a group of friends enjoying an evening together at Pizza Hut and ordering from the new range of pastas. As they begin digging into their food one of the friends from the group smiles and announces if anyone knows how Italians eat their pasta. Then he brings his hands to his mouth and says “They kiss the pasta, Muahhh”. Another friend from the group then asks if anyone knows how Chinese eat their pastas. He takes out his chopsticks and digs it in the spaghetti pasta to show how it is enjoyed.

One of the friends from the group who was quietly observing the conversation pipes in, asking if anyone knows how Indians eat pastas. He points towards a couple eating pasta on the table across to show how Indians eat pasta. Since there is nothing unusual to observe, the friends feel a bit confused, till they realise it’s a ruse to have their pastas pulled from right under their noses… it’s a lighthearted, cheeky moment between friends, with them pulling each others leg.

The film ends with the friends who sneaked away all the pastas grinning and inviting his friends to dig in.

Speaking about the campaign, Sandeep Kataria, General Manager, Pizza Hut India said “As a brand, Pizza Hut is about Pizzas n much more. This is why we are the 1st Brand to bring fabulous tasting pastas in an accessible and affordable manner to consumers across the country and the launch of Pasta Masti is a key step in that direction. The campaign highlights the launch of an exciting new range of 11 scrumptious pastas, which comes with large helping of fun and friendliness for everyone.”

Surjo Dutt, Executive Creative Director, JWT India said “The latest commercial from Pizza Hut revolves around the Pasta Masti: The Fun Friends can have together while sharing a good time over pastas. The TVC is all about demystifying the pasta experience, transforming it from being a formal, uptight affair to a more fun and easy-going experience. The creative execution shows four friends enjoying the new pasta range at Pizza Hut with friendly banter, leg pulling and bonding – typical of an outing with friends –and its all focused around new pastas at Pizza Hut. The campaign demonstrates that there is no one way to eat pasta, it is best enjoyed in your own unique, individual way with your freinds – the Fun Way!”

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