Percept/H wins the creative mandate for 'Bharat Nirman'

New Delhi :Percept/H won the creative duties of Bharat Nirman, the set of flagship programs initiated by the Government of India for the development of rural India, in a multi-agency pitch that included 7 renowned agencies like Dentsu, Grey, Concept to name a few in the month of July, 2012.The vision behind the BN project is to provide opportunities and facilities for betterment of the livelihood of the rural masses across the nation.

Since its launch about 6 years back, Bharat Nirman Programs have benefited large number of rural masses across the country. So far the communication had always projected the schemes as an opportunity to improve and empower the lives of people, and the focus this year is to project the change that people have experienced in their lives through these schemes.

These flagship programs initiated by the Government of India help empower the rural masses both men and women. This year’s BN campaign covers programs such as:Janani Shishu Suraksha Karyakram where pregnant women are entitled to free treatment , The children’s Immunization program where children are entitled to free immunisation,The Saakshar Bharat program which is the Govt’s most ambitious literacy program where women and men are encouraged to become literate,The MNREGA program which provides and guarantees employment to the rural masses,The SC Welfare program which helps empower the SC’s,The PM’s 15 point program for empowering the Minorities which provides them opportunities such as loans for self employment, scholarships , The Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna for improvement and development of rural roads.

The brief to the Agency was to project the Bharat Nirman programs as the “right” or “haq” of people, which the Central Govt. is providing and fulfilling. Percept/H took the smart approach to communicate the change in people’s life once they demanded their “haq” and which once they got, empowered them to impact their lives in a positive manner. The idea was to portray the moment of transition from the underdog to a person who knows his or her rights and the feeling of “pride” associated with the sense of achievement. The jingle of “Bharat ke is Nirman pe haq hai mera”, directed by Paresh and Naresh Kamath and sung by Kailash Kher and Neha Bhasin, embodies the emotions of people who have taken their rightful “haq” and which everyone should demand. It reflects the pride associated with the positive change that the people of India are empowered to bring about in their lives.

The campaign has been conceived and developed by the creative team headed by Rajiv Agrawal ECD at Percept H for TV, Print & Radio. The uniqueness about this campaign is not just about reaching the rural masses in every nook and corner of this country by the width of its media usage and reach through multiple use of TV & Radio channels and maximizing newspapers but more importantly in the way this campaign has been creatively conceived, designed and produced so as to not just reach the rural masses but connect with them, relate with them, impact and involve them.

The 7 programs covered in this campaign across film, print and radio plus a 90 sec overarching film has been created in a way that covers every region and every language not by way of translating or dubbing one film per program into different languages but each program has been separately created, photographed and filmed in different regions, in different languages, bringing out the authentic and real environment and setting and all the local nuances so as to connect better with local people of any region. This kind of production was needed as the communication had to be real, authentic and believable. These are serious messages impacting real people and the masses of this country and therefore had to be genuine to every society in every part of the country. These films have been extremely sensitively produced and filmed by Pradeep Sircar and his Apocolypso team with Joydeep Sircar directing all the films.

This is unique and unprecedented because no other brand in the social, government or corporate (national or multinational) sector has ever attempted such a massive and authentic communication and production. It was an unprecedented logistical experience for any advertising agency and from any communication stand point.

Commenting on the execution of the campaign Rajiv Agrawal, Executive Creative Director, Percept/H said, “Till now, over the last few years, the Bharat Nirman campaign has really been from the POV of the Govt., and not from the POV of the people. In the sense it has tried to highlight the achievements of the Govt. rather than communicating a sense of empowerment to the people which is the core of these programmes. This is what we corrected. It’s a people’s campaign this time around. Exhorting them to claim their right. It’s classic storytelling which attempts to engage the audience in the warm, aggressive campaign. Also, the look-feel is deliberately different, non-sarkaari. I believe that social campaigns should not be any different in look-feel from brand campaigns. The principle remains the same: you are trying to engage your audience by providing them a sound reason-to-believe”.

He elaborated further,”The campaign is being executed through a complete 360 degrees approach with print, TVCs and radio.The logistical challenges of executing the TVCs were immense: 7 program TVCs and one overarching jingle TVC,4 language masters for each, making it a total of 32 master films and dubs in 7 languages of each film, making it 56 dubs. So in all a total of mind boggling 88 films!”.

Commenting Amitava Mitra, COO (North)- Percept H, “Bharat Nirman has always been an extremely prestigious project for us since its launch, and this year too, it was a matter of great pride for us to win it. The complexities involved in the execution of the campaign were extremely challenging with multiple programs, languages etc. But at the end of it is a hugely gratifying and satisfying experience”.

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