Percept/H creates a new TVC for Good Morning International Tea

There is a fresh air about the new Good Morning International Tea tvc, unlike the hackneyed images of tea commercials showing happy families with hundreds of cups of tea being served, and tea pickers plodding away in the tea gardens with their large picking baskets on their backs.

Good Morning International Tea sells at a premium to Wagh Bakri, the flagship brand in the Wagh Bakri Group which is a company of passionate tea makers for many generations. Good Morning International Tea is a blend of premium Assam and some of the best international tea gardens with inclusion of long leaves which is high aroma and flavour.

Percept H, seeing the potential in the brand name, has followed the path of modern brands where the positioning flows straight from the name, e.g. Close-up, Head and Shoulders etc. The new TVC is a lovely morning scene of a couple making their morning cuppa in smooth dance in synchronized movements. The sensuality between the dancing couple is matched with the making of the tea. The metaphor of a good morning is matched when the couple takes their first sip opening their eyes to a nice sunny morning. The production values lift the communication. The music is a mix of tango and salsa with that hip swaying liquid feel.

Ryan Menezes, CCO, Percept/H, says: “Everybody wants to wake up to a good morning. Which is why the couple in the film wake up only when they sip the tea. Good Morning International Tea is not an ordinary tea, it’s made with a lot of passion, and we wanted to portray that same passion in the tea making ritual shown in the film.”

Prabhakar Mundkur, CEO, Percept/H who has handled the tea category globally for more than 8 years says, “It’s one of the best tea commercials I have been associated with. I am very proud.”

Commenting on the commercial, Parag Desai, Executive Director – Sales and Marketing says he was enamoured with the idea even when the script was shown to him and goes on to say ‘“I felt that this would be a perfect showcase for Good Morning International Tea, one of our most premium blends. Just watching the film will give the audience a sense of how great the tea is – and make them want to not just try it but also make it! “

The film is made by Bang Bang Films, produced by Natasha Malhotra and directed by Siddarth Sikand.

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