Percept to pump up entertainment quotient in boxing

Percept Media has a lot of ideas on how to market and promote boxing, which is what the group is now discussing with the Indian Boxing Federation. The main issue before the IBF executive board is how to leverage Percept’s marketing expertise to popularise boxing in the country.

“We have discussed several issues. The most important one is, however, how to popularise and market the sport” said IBF secretary P K M Raja.

“We are discussing the issues with our marketing partner Percept after completing our internal matters. Percept has lots of plans to promote boxing in the country,” said Raja.

“Actually Percept has expertise in entertainment packaging. So we are discussing how to increase the number of our events with an added entertainment quotient built in,” added Raja.

The board has decided to hold championships in small towns and even villages, he disclosed. Raja sees a three-tier approach to boost the sport in the country: national, regional and local levels.

Besides, there are other larger plans as well: “We are also planning for bilateral series on regular basis” added Raja.

Rahul Reny, AVP Sports, Percept, told the media in a recent interaction that they are committed to popularise the sports in the country.

“We agree with Raja that there is a need to conduct regular bilateral series like the Ashes in cricket which can help us regularly attract the masses towards boxing,” said Reny.

Already a certain glamour quotient has been planned to be ushered in with ‘fight nights’ being organised in places like malls and shopping complexes.

“We have already launched the fight nights to attract the masses through this entertainment cum sports event,” added Reny.

Percept has started with the metropolitan cities. “We have got the right response from the audiences as well as from corporates,” he revealed.

“If we succeed to attract the audiences in the metro cities, we hope the corporates will easily associate with us to promote the sport as well as organise more event in other cities and smaller towns also” said Reny.

Reny said that there are two main hurdles ahead of attracting corporate to back the sport: media coverage and more heroes and iconic players. Ironically, Reny did not get across the first hurdle in the major press conference IBF organised earlier this week: there were just four news organizations present at the Islamic Centre where the media had been eagerly invited!

“The media should play a bigger role than corporates for the growth of the sport. They ought to profile the players and create icon and also highlight the youngsters’ achievements” added Reny.

“Right now we have no event chart as such. But we are working on this plan to come up with a road map as early as possible. We have to follow the entire international and national schedules, and want the star players to play in the national events” said Reny.

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