Percept Pictures ropes in Ruchi Narain as the writer director of ‘Hanuman 3’

Percept Pictures, in association with Quintessential Studios, is all set to launch its new upcoming animation movie ‘Hanuman 3’. After the successful release of two films and recent television series – New Adventures of Hanuman, Percept Pictures has roped in Ruchi Narain who will be the writer & director of ‘Hanuman 3’. Percept Pictures initiated this project with Ruchi in November 2011 and plans to strategically build the whole process through their preferred partners in South India and South East Asia.

Hanuman, released in 2005, created waves in the animation industry and was one of the most loved movies across audiences. Post creating sensation, Percept Pictures worked with renowned Bollywood director Anurag Kashyap to produce ‘Return of Hanuman’ in 2007. It was a fun family entertainment film with a wide range of merchandise and games to support its success. This time, ‘Hanuman 3’ will be loaded with a lot of adventure for a better entertainment experience. The script of the movie is complete and the look of characters, news on events, promotions, merchandise, toys, internet & mobile games along with the release plans of the favorite Hanuman will be launched soon.

An upbeat and enthusiastic, Shailendra Singh, Joint MD, Percept Limited says “We had a great experience working with Anurag Kashyap in Return of Hanuman and now we are glad to sign up with Ruchi Narain. The very first day I met her, I realized that she was extremely charged and excited about the superhero Hanuman, we believe in her vision and the way she has approached the entertaining adventure route for the film Hanuman 3.”

Elaborated Sachin Shetty, CEO, Quintessential Studio, “Ruchi Narain is a writer par excellence. What’s important is that, her writing produces strong visualization. Her script has the energy required for an animation film. Of course, she is directing the film as well. It’s best some one who has depicted the film so vividly, directs it as well. Also, one cannot forget Ruchi is a veteran in AD-film making. Sense of humor, ability to create short sequences to communicate a whole lot of ideas are things that comes naturally to her and this will help her to excel as an animation film director as well. so all in all its extremely a delight working with her.”

Speaking about being roped in, Ruchi Narain, Writer & Director of Hanuman 3 said, “This is something very exciting for me. Incidentally, I was working on an animation film, before I got the offer. For some reason, that project didn’t take off. Percept knew that I was slated to work on that film and then I got a call from them. I like the fact that it will be my version of mythology. When I wrote the script, my aim was to make it fun for audiences.”

The popularity of Hanuman has grown tremendously over the years and the audiences are restless to see their favorite toon character in action – Hanuman 3.

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