Percept OOH wins Levi's 'Change your World' Campaign

Levi’s recently announced its ‘Change your World’ campaign in order to celebrate completion of its 15 years in India. The account was awarded to Percept OOH after a multi agency pitch, which included leading advertising agencies and rounds of selection meetings.

Percept was responsible for the planning; buying and executing outdoor media solutions pan India. Percept Out of Home carefully identified, evaluated and advocated appropriate propositions keeping in mind the target markets, target segments and the overall brand positioning.

The campaign includes three major initiatives. First initiative is to identify 15 youngsters, through an online process, who embody the personality of Levi’s and support them with fellowships of Rs One lakh each to help their dreams shape into reality.

Second initiative is to identify a promising rock band for which Levi’s will produce a music video featuring Priyanka Chopra. The band will also be endowed with the opportunity of performing at a three-city tour.

Third initiative of Change the world campaign is in association with Chevrolet and Apple, where the brand is giving customized Chevy Beats, iphones, Mac Books and iPod Shuffles to youngsters who wear Levi’s accessories.

Levi’s (one of the most authentic, original and best fitting jeans, pants, shirts and outerwear for men, women and kids Brand) appointed Percept Outdoor, an independent Unit of Percept Ltd. for the implementation of this campaign.

The campaign was launched on 9th April across 40 cities in India. Bus shelters and hoardings reach frequency & spread for this initiative. An eclectic mix of cantilevers, kiosks, bus shelters, billboards, unipoles, malls, mobile vans and gantries were used to create the desired impact as well as spread the campaign message near store areas. To build frequency, bus wraps and Café coffee day branding were also used so that the campaign touched a wider cross-section of people.

For a better response the mediums were carefully mixed and balanced according to the cities. In Mumbai more focus was on cantilevers whereas in Delhi more focus was given to ambient media.

The campaign would be carried out for 50 days in 40 cities that would run on different formats. It is expected to reach more than 2.5 corer people. To create a large impact 160+ Billboards, 80+Bus Shelters, 25+Facades, Multiplexes, 80+ Bus Wraps, 100+Cantilevers, 90+ Road Medians, 70+Kiosks, 40+ Café Coffee Day, 50+gantries, 80+ Unipoles, 5+ Mobile Vans were used.

Vishal BhallaSenior Manager, The Levi’s Brand – India, commented, “The Levi’s Change Your World campaign is one that we at Levi’s are particularly excited about as it marks the 15th anniversary of the Levi’s brand entering India. I cannot overstate the stellar role that the team at Percept, led by Ovez, has played in amplifying the campaign, and giving it the scale and stature befitting such an initiative.

As a brand, Levi’s has always stood for being original and definitive. This campaign, and the manner in which it has been activated, exemplifies these values.

The team at Levi’s is most appreciative of the new-found relationship with Percept – this being the first time they’ve worked on a campaign for the Levi’s brand – and looks forward to doing a whole lot more path-breaking work together.”

Sanjay Pareek, President, Percept OOH, said, “To work with a brand like Levis is always a pleasure and to be a part of their campaign has been a proud moment for Percept OOH.”

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