Percept announces strategic alliance with Pointlogic

Percept Media recently entered into a strategic alliance with Pointlogic, a world renowned player providing integrated marketing communications and marketing ROI solutions. Through this alliance Percept will customize and localize the world class suite of software offerings from Pointlogic and apply them to Indian advertisers and marketers using consumer insights & expertise.

Percept & Pointlogic will offer consulting, modeling and easy-to-use customizable software solutions for communication planning, ROI modeling, targeting and segmentation to Indian companies. Percept will apply Pointlogic methods and tools leading to services to gain a competitive advantage in the media and communications domain. Pointlogic specializes in business analytics for the marketing industry and has a global perspective with clients’ covering 60 international markets.

The state of the art tools of Pointlogic entails easy to use software solutions like Compose, Chorus, M3 and Modelling which will measure all communication campaigns including ATL, BTL, Social Media, Word of Mouth and other vehicles of communications optimally. These tools will be a boon for the Indian market considering the sector diversity.

A wide range of applications will be offered to Indian advertisers and brands which will not only provide a greater insight into the performance of past messaging, but also focus on how insights can be gained to optimize and forecast the effect of future campaigns. Commenting on this strategic alliance, Mr. Shripad Kulkarni, CEO, Allied Media quoted, “This alliance will translate into a great boon for Indian corporations and brands who will not only be able to review the effectiveness of their past campaigns but also efficiently optimize their future communications. We are extremely confident that we will be able to add tremendous value to our clients’ communication process and herald a new chapter in brand messaging.”

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