PepsiCo Launches ‘SoBe Adrenaline Rush’ Enerty Drink

PepsiCo India has announced the launch of ‘SoBe Adrenaline Rush’ Energy Drink . Sobe Adrenaline Rush is a Maximum Energy Supplement aimed at helping consumers perform at their peak by energizing their body and mind and charging up energy and alertness levels.

SoBe Beverages were created in the US in 1997 by John Bello, the former president of the National Football League, to provide consumers great tasting product with vitamins, nutrients, and herbal additives that provided a variety of functional benefits to consumers. SoBe skyrocketed to become the “1st Mass Marketed Functional Beverage in the USA”1 (Beverage Week Magazine). Today, SoBe Beverages, a division of the PepsiCo, sells 30 different products in fortified teas, fruit drinks, and dairy based beverages; functional waters; and energy drinks. SoBe Beverages motto is “Take it to the Next Level” and does so not only in its product lineup, but also in how it engages consumers through grassroots activities. SoBe aims to refresh your body and invigorate your mind while having fun doing it. SoBe Products are now found in 25 countries outside of the USA and have market leading positions in Russia and Central America with SoBe Adrenaline Rush.

SoBe Adrenaline Rush contains an exciting citrus fruit punch flavor and has a well balanced formula with powerful ingredients like Taurine, L-Carnitine, D-Ribose, Inositol, Vitamin B and C – which are associated with energy and improved physical and mental performance.

The refreshing drink, made with Bio Energy Ribose and available in 245ml cans priced at 75/- per can. SoBe will be available initially at Modern Trade and On-premise outlets, in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore and is being supported by strong Point of sale promotion and sampling efforts.

Targeted at the 24 year plus Urban youth, who are striving to achieve their work as well as lifestyle goals, this product will try and address the need for instant energy. It is differentiated form other energy drinks in market on taste (exciting citrus fruit punch flavor compared to the ‘metallic’ taste of other drinks) and the fact that it has been developed by a nutritionist to be a ‘Maximum Energy Supplement’ rather than something that just gives a mental kick.


  • Is Pepsi no longer making/distributing this energy drink? I no longer can find it & it was the only one of the hundreds out there that I liked.

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