PC Magazine Names You2Gov.com as 'The Best Political Web Site'

As Record Numbers of Americans Surf the Web for Political News and Campaign Information, PC Magazine Recommends You2Gov.com as One of the ‘The 20 Best Political Web Sites’ to Turn to Heading Into the 2008 Presidential Election .

You2Gov.com, a pioneering political social network that gives political power to real people, was named one of “The 20 Best Political Web Sites” by PC Magazine on Friday. PC Magazine set out to help its readers educate themselves on the 2008 candidates for President by pouring over the “countless resources” on the web. In introducing the article, PC Magazine editor Jennifer DeLeo
states, “No one has the time to read all of them, of course, so we hunted down the 20 best political Web sites that cover election news, candidate analyses, current national polls, party ads, speeches, and more.” Of the 20 top political sites, You2Gov.com is the only one that offers users a social networking platform to access news and information, form online communities about the issues they care about, and take action by contacting their representatives in Government. The story is currently featured on the homepage of pcmag.com.

“You2Gov.com takes great pride in putting out the best political content for our users,” said Alan W. Silberberg, co-founder and CEO of You2Gov.com. “Our approach is to provide news and information that the average person needs to be a better informed citizen and allow users to chat and mobilize with other like-minded citizens on You2Gov’s social network platform. The political system is all about social networking in the ‘real world’ and in today’s digital era, You2Gov is able to bring the political process directly to the computer screens of Americans, which will allow more citizens to participate in our democracy.”

You2Gov’s non-partisan social network platform provides regular Americans current information about issues they care about. It enables them to start their own interest groups with others who share their concerns and to leverage their collective power to influence federal, state and localgovernments. By providing simple but powerful tools to make their opinions heard, You2Gov.com puts regular people on an equal footing with big business, their lobbyists and other monied interests who have long dominated governments’ actions.

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