Patrika celebrates first anniversary in Madhya Pradesh

The Patrika Group is celebrating its first anniversary in Madhya Pradesh this May. The launch of Patrika in Bhopal on 25th May last year had created a stir and jolted the status quo of other newspapers’ readership in the city.

Patrika’s launch in Madhya Pradesh was a result of the long done research in Bhopal and Indore, which helped in bringing out a customized newspaper that people of Madhya Pradesh desired to read.

Patrika conducted a survey in Bhopal, touching more than 10,000 households. The major objectives included charting out readers’ preference, expectations, locate dissatisfaction areas and create brand awareness. When asked, what kind of newspaper they wish to have for their city, more than 90% of respondents opted for 20-22 paged newspapers at Rs.1.50. This intensive survey proved to be a major guiding tool for the launch.

After the launch promotional activities in top agencies and clients at Bhopal and Indore were conducted. Most popular and the among those were Fun@work, in which marketing team from Patrika group touched 82 business houses and 20 ad agencies in Bhopal. Launch celebrations were done touching 45 advertising agencies and business houses in Mumbai, Delhi and Bhopal.

In its expansion spree, Patrika took up another promising venture in Madhya Pradesh, starting with Bhopal and Indore. The newspapers soon changed the market proposition and became popular in both the cities; Patrika is adding more readers day by day. Among a breed of young readers, pro change readers, readers with a national and global outlook, the acceptance rate was very high.

On the basis of its quality journalism, it has shaken the newspaper market of the state is a matter of fact. Also the company had been immensely successful in establishing an instant connect with its readers. Patrika has raised many issues concerning the citizens, which have proven to be a boon for the city. Betterment of the fearless journalism and quality editorial has brought Patrika among front-runners in the city.

Bhuvnesh Jain Deputy Editor, Patrika Group says, “Patrika has always been known for its credible journalism and excellent editorial content. We maintained the same in Madhya Pradesh also and as a result , Patrika has been a hit among readers. People of MP agree that other newspapers of MP had to improve their quality after advent of Patrika in MP, which evidences the ace quality editorial.”

This is evident from the various events conducted by Patrika in Bhopal and Indore round the year, be it a social responsibility like Amritam Jalam in which over 1lakh 30thosand people volunteered from every sphere of society or be it the trade fair in Bhopal that attracted more than 9 lakh footfalls. Amritam Jalam movement was initiated by Patrika on 14th January 09 to bring the people of city together, with the aim of reinstating the lost beauty of famous “Bade Jheel” of Bhopal. The response was such huge that more than 20,000 people volunteered on the single day and many personalities like Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chauhan and other eminent people from Bhopal volunteered in the movement. Government offices, banks, and other corporate houses volunteered in the movement. Prakash Jha, Arjun Rampal and 600 other crewmembers of the film Rajniti volunteered in this inspiring movement initiated by Patrika. A similar Movement was also started in Indore on 16th Feb 2009 in which participation at mass level was recorded.

Patrika had initiated a mass movement “Vote for Vote” to encourage voters to exercise their right to vote for 15th Parliamentary Election. The aim was to inspire masses to use their right to vote. In a unique way to encourage general masses to ‘Vote for Vote’, Patrika had installed ‘Patrika Booths’ at various places, where people were asked to put a seal ‘I Vote for Democracy’ on the pledge letters to vote, in which more than 3,26,000 balloted.

Patrika had organized fairs and events for the people of Bhopal in which large number of people participated. Mega trade fair (Bhopal) in which Patrika generated mammoth response of more than 9 lakh footfalls in just 20 days of Patrika’s entry in Madhya Pradesh, the fair was organized from 14th to 23rd June 08. The fair had more than 300 stalls, and the response was overwhelming.

The ‘National Book Fair’ in Bhopal was organized from 3rd January 2009 at Bittan Market Ground. More than 300 stalls in fair attracted the record number of 8 lacs visitors.

Dandiya Mahotsav (Bhopal) organized by Patrika attracted more than 5000 people, Yoga Shivir – more than 1500 people had already participated, International Education & career Fair 09 in which daily footfalls was more than 30000. It was a 5 day fair and over1.5 lac footfalls was recorded.

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