Parle products launches Parle My Green Planet campaign

In one of India’s largest, most far reaching CSR initiatives ever, Parle Products today launched “Parle My Green Planet.” Keeping up with its legacy of starting nothing less than a movement, My Green Planet will work across levels – from school students to environmentalists to media professionals and through them educate and empower everyone about the cause of environment conservation. Through My Green Planet, Parle would be contributing in its own way by taking up various initiatives like planting more trees around India, conserving water, power and recycling waste et al

To kick start the initiative Parle will be launching a holistic campaign aimed at reaching out to 5000 schools across 70+ towns and cities in the country with the aim of reducing wastage of plastic, increasing environmental awareness and conserving the ecosystem rather than just complaining about it. Titled the School Giving Program, it is the first in a series of similar environmentally aware campaigns that are planned to be undertaken under the Parle My Green Planet banner.

The School Giving Program – a plantation drive to go green – will focus on collection of wrappers off the streets across the identified 70+ towns. The program aims at generating awareness amongst children about the need to be responsible towards their environment and how can they contribute towards the same. To encourage this Parle Products has instituted certain awards that will be given out at the end of the exercise. The class to collect maximum wrappers will get the ‘Green Class of the school’ and the school to collect maximum wrappers will get the title ‘Green School of the City’. This initiative also coincides with the Joy of Giving week, India’s biggest social Giving programme, initiated by the Give India Foundation.

Speaking on the occasion, B. K. Rao, Group Product Manager, Parle Products Ltd. said, “With this program in place, Parle Products aims to adopt the cause of a greener planet, and by involving children – who are rightly the future of our society – we look forward to encouraging and inculcating in these children a sense of purpose and responsibility, so that in the future, in addition to other issues, these children will know how precious the environment is, and what needs to be done to preserve it. The My Green Planet initiative aims to educate individuals of how much our environment is in threat, and how simple individual efforts can go a long way in preserving nature and avoiding further environmental deterioration.”

The School Giving Program has been initiated by Parle Products to build awareness of the potential disasters society stands to face if the environment is not nurtured and protected. Parle has a presence across the country, with their products being used in households across the country, and with such an extensive network, Parle can be truly termed a trusted brand. It is in keeping with the responsibility brought on by such recognition that Parle has taken this initiative to reach out to their customers and raise awareness about environmental protection.

Says Kartiki Karihaloo, Assistant Brand Manager – Parle Products “For years, our products have been a part of countless households in this country, and all our consumers have really helped us grow to who we are today. It is therefore natural for us to return the favour to a generation that has helped us grow, by providing a cleaner and greener planet. Parle Products has consciously chosen to take an action oriented path to help clean up, so that future generations can look forward to a cleaner and greener environment”

The earth’s resources have been taken for granted for too long. If one were to think of the earth as a long, broad shelf and all the resources in the world placed on it, these resources are only being taken from the shelf with no thought on replacing it. This could be disastrous. The effects of the same are already seen all around us; colder winters, hotter summers and erratic rainfall. The earth is complaining.

The world is home to not just human beings but also a wide variety of animals and plants. All of them are dependent on each other for survival. Taking these natural resources for granted or disturbing the natural harmony would only result in consequences like global warming. Man has finally woken up to the damages he is causing to himself in the long run and has started taking definitive steps. Carbon credits, increased environmental awareness and many such initiatives are small steps towards a greener destination. This initiative is a small contribution by Parle Products to make a big difference.

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