Parle Agro launches 15 Crore ‘Why grow up?’ campaign

Parle Agro’s mango drink Frooti is now ready with a new look and campaign that asks ‘Why grow up’.This season, Parle Agro will spend approximately Rs 15 crore on the campaign, starting with a TVC, which was conceived by team Creativeland Asia and directed by Prakash Varma of Nirvana films. The campaign broke on March 13, 2009 with a TV commercial, which portrays mango drink lovers across age groups enjoying the drink the way it is truly enjoyed, without inhibitions and with contentious slurps.

Elaborating on the marketing and branding strategy, Nadia Chauhan, Director, Parle Agro, said, “The objective of the new campaign is to contemporise brand Frooti and lay the foundation for a long-term strategy, while being true to its core mango values. This season, we will spend approximately Rs 15 crore, including on ATL and BTL activities, for the brand.”

Chauhan confirmed that the campaign would be on air till May-end.

Raj Kurup, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer, Creativeland Asia, spoke on the plan for the revamy, “Revamp for a legendary brand and a market leader cannot happen overnight. So, Creativeland Asia and Frooti began its long journey last year to make the brand a more youthful, contemporary mango drink. As part of the strategy, to reinforce that Frooti is the original mango drink and as a tactical move, the ‘Mango ka ek hi naam’ campaign was created. While we were talking to media then, we had mentioned that this is just a stop-gap and that we would be back with a more contemporary Frooti next year.”

Kurup explained that the revamp exercise involved studying the brand, its history and its strengths as well as taking an extensive look at the market, the target consumer and their new values. In his words, “Cool comes from being unabashed about what you are and not by aping or trying to be someone else. A mango cannot be a grown up, serious fruit. You can’t eat a mango with a fork and a knife. The mango is a quaint fruit, it looks funny, is asymmetrical, people go nuts having a mango. People get lost having a mango. It is a childlike fruit. Frooti embodies the spirit of mango. Hence, we couldn’t try and behave like a gaming brand or a jeans brand. We had to find a voice for Frooti that was well within its values and yet so cool and contemporary that people in their head said, ‘wow I didn’t look at Frooti like that’ and not ‘that isn’t Frooti.”

The idea that was eventually settled on was ‘Why grow up’ which, according to Kurup, “sets the stage for a 10-year strategy. It is sharp and is in keeping with the contemporary values of what a mango drink can embody. It is extremely youthful.”

The new look of Frooti includes a new identity and new packaging. From the new identity, the logo has been carefully tweaked to look a little more contemporary. The packaging is brighter, cleaner and has a new visual identity. The new Frooti has been launched with three new pack designs with three new Mangoticons (Mango Emoticons). Parle Agro will launch 25 Mangoticons in the market by next season.

The campaign will involve various media – conventional and alternate – including the Internet, social media, ambient installations, in premise stunts and spectaculars. The focus will be on user-generated content.

Kurup’s final thoughts were, “The ‘Why grow up’ strategy will constantly reinvent itself over the years and promises to bring in cutting edge communication year after year on the brand. However, apart from the youth and external market, Creativeland is also creating internal communication in the form of workshops to brand partners, media agency, sales, etc., as this is a completely new way of thinking on Frooti for years to come.”

source: Bombay Adclub

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