Parle Agro Forays Into Pure Juice Market

Parle Agro, a leading player in the Indian beverage industry, is making a strategic addition to its product portfolio by entering the 100% pure juice category. The new brand – Saint Juice, was unveiled by Ms. Nadia Chauhan, Director, Parle Agro at a press conference in Mumbai. Targeted at the fast growing segment of consumers who are moving towards 100% juice, Saint Juice promises to deliver a pure and wholesome experience. Available in three variants – Orange, Mixed fruit and Grape, Saint Juice has no added sugar or preservatives. In fact, Saint Mixed Fruit juice is a first of sorts in India as it is the first 100% mixed fruit juice in the country.

Today, as people are increasingly becoming health conscious, Saint Juice offers the vital benefits of fruits, without compromising on taste. Speaking at the launch Ms. Chauhan stated, “Most juice brands do not communicate clearly whether they are nectar, 85% juice or 100% pure juice. Consumers are confused with what they are buying. Only 100% juice is pure juice and has no added sugar, color or preservatives. With Saint Juice, consumers don’t have to think twice as we have only 100% juice and no nectars or drinks within our juice range.”

With brands like Frooti and Appy Classic which have established themselves as market leaders in their respective categories, Parle Agro’s decision to enter 100% juice is in line with the company’s vision to be present across all beverage categories. “Currently there are very few brands focusing on the 100% juice segment. With our long standing expertise in the beverages industry, we have created a premium experience for consumers with Saint Juice. The concentrate for Saint Juice is made from carefully chosen fruits from the finest orchards in the world which is then imported to India. Saint mixed fruit juice has a range of exotic fruits, some of which are not readily available in India” said Ms. Chauhan.

The product development including blending for Saint Juice has been worked upon in Parle Agro’s R&D lab in Mumbai. “The entire process took us 2-3 years because we wanted to ensure consistent taste and the best quality. Juices of certain fruits like orange have a tendency of getting bitter. Saint Juice which will have a shelf life of six months will taste as good on the last day of its shelf life as on the first day.” said Nadia Chauhan, who oversees sales, marketing and product development at Parle Agro. Saint Juice is being manufactured out of Parle Agro’s recently set up Hyderabad plant, which has high capacity lines for manufacturing of one litre Tetra Pak and economy of scale to support the new product range.

With a brand name – ‘Saint’, designed to set it apart from the rest, the name also defines the brand’s communication which is aimed at initiating consumers towards the whole idea of a pure juice. Just like the juice, Saint’s packaging and communication strategy echo the brand promise of honesty and purity. Saint Juice packs are pristine white and uncluttered, featuring stunning shots of real fruits stacked unconventionally on top of each other. The unique and distinct packaging lends an international feel to the product.

Available in 1 litre and 200 ml SKU’s, Saint Juice 1 litre pack is priced at Rs. 95 for the Grape and Orange variants and at Rs. 100 for Mixed Fruit variant. The 200 ml pack is available for Rs. 20 for the Grape and Orange variants and at Rs. 20 for Mixed Fruit. Saint Juice will be rolled out all across India with a special focus on metros, mini-metros and the top three cities of every state. The distribution strategy for Saint Juice will also involve institutional sales which include hotels, restaurants, canteens, colleges, hospitals, multiplexes etc and modern trade formats such as super markets, hypermarkets, self-service stores etc. With institutional sales growing by 33 per cent for FMCG players in the industry, this will be a very important market for Saint Juice. Consumers can buy Saint Juice at organized retail stores, supermarkets, high-end hotels and restaurants etc.

It is not just 100% juice; it is a 100% juice experience that Parle Agro plans to create with Saint. The Saint Juice launch campaign will involve print advertising; point of purchase promotions and outdoor hoardings, besides a website, exclusively designed for Saint.

In the Rs 7000 Crore beverages industry in India, the non-carbonated beverage segment is growing at almost double the rate of the carbonated segment. The top-end branded 100% juice market is growing at around 15-20 per cent annually with 80 million cases sold per year. The Indian branded fruit juice market is worth around Rs. 1500 million. With Saint Juice, Parle Agro aims to drive the growth of the 100% juice category and lead category growth within six to eight months of the launch.

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