Panasonic Releases New TVC Starring Ranbir Kapoor

In a country as diverse and lively as India, there are some moments in life that actually bring the entire nation, no matter what the people in it are doing, to a halt. These are those moments when people let go of their busy schedules and appointments, when fights and divides are put aside and when the whole nation unites together, as one. Sports, be it Virender Sehwag’s winning runs on the last ball of the match or Baichung Bhutia’s amazing strike to win a game, is one such defining moment in our country.

Mumbai : The Panasonic Viera commercial draws from this fact. The commercial was treated so as to capture the euphoria and high that a sporting event brings to millions across the country. Taking daily instances from life, the commercial gradually builds up to a crescendo; to that one moment in time when Sehwag hits the winning runs of the match and the nation erupts in that feeling of joy and jubilation, united as one.

Panasonic Viera combines state-of-the-art technology to capture these moments better than any other television. As such, if there is that one big moment in a sport where the entire nation comes together, where better to capture it, than a Panasonic Viera television that provides an unparalleled sporting experience?

Panasonic’s new TVC for its Viera range of Television infuses a unique blend of Bollywood and Sports to the brand to reach the youth audience. The TVC has been conceptualised by IBD India, a subsidiary of Percept-Hakuhodo.

IBD India has had a long relationship with Panasonic India wherein work on the brand has moved beyond advertising and culminated into innovative brand-building activities.

Credits: Agency: IBD India Director: Uzer Khan
Creative Team: Anil Kakar, Joshua Newnes

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