Palador to Penetrate Indian Entertainment Market

Palador, the undisputed leader in the World Cinema category with over 1,000 of the best and most awarded films, is all set to make its presence felt in the fast growing home video retail segment in India. The company intends to take leap ahead and independently release World Cinema titles from its vast and envious collection. For this, Palador has joined hands with Landmark, MusicWorld and Crossword, the leading organised retail chain stores along with major standalone stores in Mumbai like Rhythm House and Granth. With this association in place the discerning fans will now be able to get access to Palador’s World Cinema titles at over 45 retail stores across India.

The 7 films being released in DVD format are some of the most awarded and critically acclaimed films of all times. These include 5 classics from master filmmaker, Ingmar Bergman; ‘The Silence’, ‘Winter Light’, ‘Through A Glass Darkly’, ‘Summer With Monika’, and ‘Music in Darkness’ along with 2 contemporary titles, a thriller, End of Violence from Wim Wenders and an action / drama movie, Away with Words from Christopher Doyle (Wong Kar Wai’s loyal (& equally eccentric) cinematographer, first directorial venture). These cinematic gems are available at a modest price of Rs.399/- each.

Elaborating on Palador’s independent foray into home video retail, Gautam Shiknis, Founder and Managing Director, Palador Pictures said, “Home Video retail is a crucial part of our integrated plan to promote World Cinema across all mediums available in the country today. Palador is pleased to announce the association with leading organised chain stores like Landmark, Musicworld and Crossword to retail its World Cinema titles across India. With this relationship onboard, we intend to release 50 titles subsequently during next quarter and henceforth, reaching sales figure of half a million copies by 2010.”

Palador with its profitable tie-ups with Moser Baer and IndiaPlaza has already pumped over 40 World Cinema titles in the market. These films include Akira Kurosawa’s masterpieces ‘Seven Samurai’ & ‘Yojimbo’, ‘Infernal Affairs’ (which inspired Martin Scorsese’s Academy Award winner ‘Departed’), Wong-Kar Wai’s Cannes award winner ‘In The Mood for Love’, the cult Asian horror film ‘The Eye’, Ingmar Bergman’s masterpiece ‘Wild Strawberries’, Jim Jarmusch’s ‘Dead Man’ starring a young Johnny Depp and the mother of all monster movies – the original ‘Godzilla’.

Palador is the undisputed leader in the World Cinema category with over 1000 of the best and most awarded films from across the world. The films in Palador’s catalogue include both masters of yesteryears and the current crop of mavericks: Bergman, Chaplin, Keaton, Kurosawa, Kieslowski, Godard, Trauffaut, Kiarostami, Lynch and many more. The Palador collection covers all genres and eras and is the single largest collection of quality films in the world. This library of acclaimed cinema is being taken to Indian audiences (urban and rural) via an integrated distribution model that covers a DVD label, theatrical releases, video-on-demand and a dedicated television channel.

Having staked its position as the undisputed leader in the world cinema category, Palador is now more than a content aggregator. It is an integrated media enterprise that spans production, content acquisition, programming and distribution in the areas of film, publishing and internet. From production to programming to publishing, Palador has one goal: to constantly identify, create, distribute and promote the finest content from across the world.

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