Pakistani media targeted over Zardari 'shoe attack'

Karachi : A TV channel’s broadcast was blocked and copies of at least two newspapers were burnt in different parts of Pakistan after they reported a “shoe attack” on President Asif Ali Zardari during an address in Birmingham, the channel said Sunday.

Offices of many cable operators in Karachi have been set ablaze by activists of the ruling Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) for transmiting Geo News, the channel said.

PPP leaders and government officials issued warnings to cable operators against the continuation of the Geo News transmission.

Newspaper vendors have been robbed of copies of Jang and The News dailies on the directions of Zardari and Information Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira from London, Geo TV said.

A man reportedly hurled shoes at Zardari during a PPP address in Birmingham after he refused to cancel his visit to Britain in the wake of devastating floods in Pakistan that have claimed over 1,500 lives and rendered thousands homeless.

People have protested against the PPP violence across the country, Geo News said.

Geo News staff and their supporters are now planning to protest against the attacks.

Demonstrations will be held outside the President House, the Prime Minister House, Governor Houses, Press Clubs and offices of cable operators across the country.

Geo News staff and Pakistani journalists held a meeting Sunday to discuss the further course of action.

Geo and Jang Group are being penalized for revealing facts and speaking the truth, it said. The ruling elite is angry for reporting president’s controversial visit to Britain in the face of the country’s worst floods, it added.

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