Out of Home Media revamps logo

Out of Home Media (India) Private Limited has announced a new logo baseline .

“we have redesigned our Baseline on the Company Logo –Move with your audience ”, a company spokesperson said.

The new base line of the logo created is based on media research.

There is a huge audience fragmentation across mediums including television. Also, there is a sea change in the lifestyle trends of the consumers. People are no more confined to their homes and love to spend more and more time out of home i.e. they are always on the move and thus they should be targeted by a medium which is also on the move reaching them at every touch point.

It is these consumers that are important for the medium and the industry to grow. OOH Media provides a platform which follows these on the move consumers at every touch point by reaching them wherever they are such as in Malls, Multiplexes, Lifestyle Stores, Restaurants, Gymnasiums, Bookstores, clubs, Saloons, Supermarkets etc thus making it a medium present in a day of the life of a consumer.

OOH Media reaches these kind of on the move audiences which are decision makers, influential customers, high net worth individuals and wealth creators thus adding a great value to the advertiser.

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