OOH Media partners Mega Cabs

Mumbai: OOH Media India Pvt Ltd, India’s largest out of home television company has announced an exclusive strategic partnership deal with Mega Cabs, 24 hours A/C Radio taxi service. OOH Media will market advertising inventory for the fleet of 700 plus cabs pan India. The said deal marries “two very likeminded companies”.

Commenting on the big deal Ishan Raina, CEO & MD, OOH Media said, “Being the largest OOH TV company we are constantly looking for ways to connect with today’s busy consumers. It’s a real honour to be working with Mega Cabs. Both companies have a synchrony in terms of target audience and thus it makes a perfect sense for advertisers. This will give advertisers an additional ‘out of home’ touch point with India’s affluent and busy SEC A consumers”.

Mega Cabs presently operates in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Amritsar and who revolutionized the surface transport system in certain cities by pioneering a computerized communication & dispatch system with GPS (Global Positioning System) based online tracking systems for licensed radio taxis. It has just unrolled an ambitious expansion plan which shall increase its fleet from 700 cabs to 2000 cabs by 31st December 2010.

Kunal Lalani, Managing Director, Mega Cabs says that, “OOH Media is a natural ally partner for SEC A audience and for Mega Cabs this is a huge synergy because we attract same clients and talk to same consumers.”

OOH Media in the past few years have come up with lot of innovative ideas to promote brand like on screen branding, AFP concepts, sun board fabrication etc. taking innovation a step ahead, this time besides regular 4 doors, rooftop, rear, bonnet and internal branding, OOH Media plans to campaign an originality approach by branding through samples, for the passengers to get first hand experience of the product besides the information of the merchandise.

Targeting the Sec A, A+ both companies skills set a brand strategy for all their clients and enhance each others capability in the markets by helping get visibility in high footfalls areas like Malls, Multiplexes, Office Buildings, Residential buildings, Restaurants, Gyms, Salons etc. Mega Cabs will add a whole new dimension of ‘out of home’ visibilities in high traffic areas such as Airports, Corporate parks parking area, Business centers parking area, shopping complexes and multiplexes parking area and last but not least on Indian roads.

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