Only 40% Indian Smart Phone users access internet : Study

Using their online consumer panel the Connections Panels, Initiative has conducted detailed research among 8000 active smartphone users across Italy, Sweden, UK, USA, Australia, China, India and South Korea, to find out how they used their handsets. Initiative’s research titled, ‘Global Mobile Survey’ provides the information that is necessary to understand where, how, why and whether or not mobile needs to be part of brand marketing strategies.

India is a market in its infancy with no 3G technology currently, but the expectation is that mobile will quickly become the single largest medium in this country – and the sole route for some consumers to connect to the internet. This is the key finding from the research conducted by Initiative. Given the choice between only having mobile internet and only having computer-based internet, one third of consumers currently opt for mobile internet, rising to nearly half among Innovators, the most technically advanced users.

Some of the other findings that you may find particularly interesting are: Mobile internet access is no longer a niche activity. Across all markets, Initiative found that 65% of smartphone users use their mobile handset to connect to the internet every day. In India, 40% of the smart-phone users access the internet daily with 34% accessing it for more than half an hour each day.

Mobile internet is not growing at the expense of any other media. Initiative discovered that 76% of smartphone users connect to the internet via mobile in addition to their other internet usage. Furthermore, a significant proportion of consumers are using mobile internet at the same time as consuming other media. Across markets, Initiative saw the highest level of multi-tasking whilst watching TV, listening to the radio and travelling – all at 50%. In addition, 39% access mobile internet whilst using internet through a computer, and 34% whilst reading newspaper and magazines.

Apps have become the catalyst for change in the way that people view their mobile handsets. A staggering 80% of smartphone users said they had downloaded an app. In India the highest usage of apps is of fun and entertainment apps.

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