Online advertisements on Pak portals irk BJP

India’s leading opposition party BJP , who after the succes of Obama’s online advertisement campaign, launched its own online advertising campaign is unhappy with the news items originating from neighbouring countries, Pakistan in particular , which said that India’s poll campaign ads are being served on some foreign news portals.

BJP on Friday criticised Pakistani media portals for displaying “unsolicited” advertisements with its prime ministerial candidate LK Advani’s photographs asking for votes.

BJP spokesman Ravi Shankar Prasad, without knowing the advertisements were part of an automatic display on Google, asked the Pakistani media to ‘set your own house in order’ saying the party would win without their support. Prasad said the BJP had not commissioned any advertisement to the Pakistani media.

“Such advertisements are unsolicited and we don’t need their (Pakistani media) support for our campaign,” he said. “Pakistani newspapers should be more concerned with their own fate. They must count the time when Taliban take over their offices in Islamabad and Lahore rather than showing concern for us,” he added. Advani’s photographs feature in massive ads in two leading Pakistani media portals. iftikhar gilani.

Infact , the google adsense programme displays advertisements as per the demographic and content choices set by the advertiser. the news agency handling BJP’s online poll campaign can set geographic locations. Any website which is registered as a google publisher if opened in India can display advertisements which does not mean that the advertisements are being displayed in Pakistan .

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