OkTataByebye Launches Hotel Review Writing Contest

Oktatabyebye.com has recently started a promotion where everyone who writes a Hotel Review, gets Rs. 500/- Travel Cash Voucher along with being eligible for the Lucky Draw of the Month. The Lucky Draw Winner of the Month will get a Canon Powershot A530. However, all hotel reviews have to be properly detailed and complete to be eligible.

The promotion is open to all. So, if you’ve traveled lately & stayed at some amazing property or had the worst experience in a hotel, you must share that with other travellers. You’ll not only stand a chance to win the big prize but also help many other travelers who consider visiting the same hotel.
Who wouldn’t like to tell people how the experience at a hotel was? Almost everyone! It becomes all the more interesting to share your experience/opinion on places you’ve stayed at with other travellers when, you start getting Rs. 500/- travel cash voucher for it.

Users can post their travel pictures, share varied travel experiences & information about places, or get hotel reviews that are honest & unbiased. One can also get travel queries answered or resolve their travel grievance at Oktatabyebye.com. With honest and unbiased advice flowing between member travellers everyday, the content becomes dynamic and multi-person.

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