OgilvyOne Hong Kong launches Christmas campaign

Hong Kong : A first for a shopping mall in Hong Kong is the combined use of Facebook and AR technology. OgilvyOne Worldwide Hong Kong recently launched a Christmas campaign with the idea based around famous architect Antoni Gaudi and his unfinished masterpiece in Barcelona the “Sagrada Familia”.

Antoni Gaudi, the famous 19th century Spanish architect, focused the last years of his life working on “Sagrada Familia”, an over-the-top gothic style Roman Catholic Church. Unfortunately, he passed away without seeing it completed. K11 wants shoppers to help complete his masterpiece, through its installation at the Mall. The Facebook-iPhone application developed by OgilvyOne echoes the theme and helps K11 stand out from the crowd during Christmas.

“Through social networking sites we are teasing over 11,000 K11 Facebook fans and friends to create their own virtual Gaudi-styled Christmas decoration. The intent is to drive a branded viral experience, which takes you from your computer to the mall and into your smartphone within the mall. We aim to bring a touch of Gaudi to the shopper in an interactive way,” said Kitty Wong, Managing Director, OgilvyOne Worldwide, Hong Kong.

To create your very own Gaudi styled decoration is simple. All you need to do is submit your design within Facebook and then visit the mall with your iPhone. Upon downloading a free application called “Layars”, fans can view their augmented reality decoration along with hundreds of others to compliment the K11 mall and its on-site decorations. OgilvyOne Worldwide Hong Kong is one of the official branding partners for K11 since its establishment.

agency: OgilvyOne Worldwide Hong Kongaccount servicing: Sandy Ling, Cody Ng executive creative director: Shayne Pooleycreative director: Alvin Lim associate creative director: Matthew Nisbetart director: Jo Wongcopywriter: Momoko Yiu senior project manager: Jo JH Wong flash developer: Kaho Chow web developer: John Yau, Tony Sunexposure: online

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