OgilvyEntertainment Beijing and Lenovo Create Autobot for New Transformers Movie

Beijing : In tomorrow’s premiere of Transformers: Dark of the Moon in mainland China, moviegoers will be introduced to an exciting new character called Brains, an Autobot that camouflages in plain sight as a Lenovo ThinkPad Edge Plus laptop. The birth of Brains is the result of a 360 degree integrated marketing effort by OgilvyEntertainment and Lenovo ThinkPad, in collaboration with acclaimed director Michael Bay.

In the film, Brains is Autobot Wheelie’s sidekick, a quiet ThinkPad Edge Plus laptop that turns into a transformer with its own character traits, voice, temperament and life. As Brains helps protagonist Sam Witwicky fulfill his destiny, the audience gets a sense of the laptop’s imaginative nature and function.

Ms. Song Qi, the senior marketing communication manager of the Lenovo commerical business unit, said, “Product placement in Transformers: Dark of the Moon is part of our global branding strategy and a big step towards our further international expansion. This film really resonates with Chinese audiences as many people that grew up watching the Transformers cartoons also represent the ideal ThinkPad customer.”

Brains’ courage, perseverance and determination to take on challenges epitomizes the energy and vitality of Lenovo’s ThinkPad Edge Plus and appeals to audiences and consumers aged 20 to 30 who enjoy novelty and adventure.

Ms. Didi Zhang, the entertainment marketing director of Ogilvy Beijing, stated, “Successful cases of branded content and product placements go beyond a simple display of a product or logo. They bring the brand or product to life and integrate it into the film or story in a meaningful way. From the start, we didn’t want the ThinkPad Edge Plus to be obtrusive or distracting; our goal was to make it relevant to the movie so that it would be memorable to viewers.”

OgilvyEntertainment Beijing helped Lenovo assess and negotiate the deal. They worked with OgilvyOne Beijing to create a 360 degree marketing campaign that would convey the excitement and spirit of the brand’s role in the film. OgilvyEntertainment served as a liaison between Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks Pictures, licensed toymaker Hasbro and client Lenovo.

“We’re seeing an increasing number of Chinese brands looking to product placement as a way to amplify their brand awareness and influence,” Zhang explained. “However, seamlessly integrating products into films in ways that will really connect with consumers requires creativity and skill. It requires professional expertise to successfully integrate branded content into not only the movie itself but also into everything from trailers to bloopers, posters and billboards to branded merchandise. OgilvyEntertainment has a solid presence and network in Hollywood and can connect our clients to the world’s entertainment capital.”

Through Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Lenovo’s campaign has reached several global markets, including the United States, Russia, India, Japan and now China. Lenovo has leveraged its product integration in the film to create a suite of commercials; ads on the radio, online and outdoors; and ads in stores and in theaters. Along with RedWorks, Ogilvy’s production and design unit, OgilvyOne produced the creative elements in the print ads and online campaigns.

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