Ogilvy PR Launches Social Media RSS Dashboard

Ogilvy PR worldwide has announced the launch of Social Media RSS Dashboard for PR and Marketing Professionals.The Daily Influence delivers Social Media, Word of Mouth, Public Relations and Marketing news and information updates into a single interface. Marketers can customize one view to serve as a simple “listening post-lite” for their brand or their client to know what people are saying in consumer generated media.

The service was developed by Ogilvy PR’s 360° Digital Influence team in partnership with Netvibes, the ultimate RSS reader and widget platform. Netvibes universal widget architecture (UWA) made it simple to develop The Daily Influence as a best-collection of RSS feeds that can easily be customized by communications and marketing pros to be as useful as possible. Netvibes pioneered the concept of personalized startpages and maintains one of the largest widget networks in the world.

The Daily Influence is being rolled out to all staff within Ogilvy PR as a core digital tool and is now available to clients and other marketing and PR professionals. The Netvibes-powered service provides an always updated dashboard of what is happening in social media. It delivers a heads-up display for communications to every PR expert within the company.

Chris Damsen, VP Business Development, Netvibes :”The Daily Influence represents the next evolution of personalized media workspaces, enabling marketing professionals to quickly monitor and manage their daily digital lives at a glance. Ogilvy’s lifelong industry experience and hand-picked content, plus the personalization features of Netvibes, combine to deliver an incredibly relevant media experience tailored to fit both the industry and the individual.”


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