Ogilvy PR Launches Radian6

360 Degree Digital Influence, Ogilvy’s global social media and word of mouth practice – and Radian6 have successfully deployed Radian6 as the consumer generated media listening tool to all of the Digital Influence teams around the globe.

Radian6’s social media monitoring platform gathers real-time-as-discovered information from across the social web, including blogs, video sharing sites, boards and forums including LinkedIn Answers, and emerging media such as FriendFeed and Twitter.

360 Degree Digital Influence provides strategy and execution of programs driven by social media and digital marketing to generate word of mouth for global brands. They are true social media strategists and practitioners. They needed a tool that made it easier to collect and sort conversations to create their client Conversation Maps and Influencer Audits.

“We need a day-to-day listening tool that looks across platforms and the social web, in multiple markets, sees the largest universe of consumer-generated content and conversations and lets our Digital Influence Strategists work fast,” says John Bell, Managing Director for Ogilvy’s 360 Degree Digital Influence group. “We worked with Radian6 over the past year to deploy their tool to our complete global team. That’s the story – real implementation across the world.”

Ogilvy’s 360 Degree Digital Influence and Radian6 will work together to refine the use and functionality of the tool in different markets throughout Asia, Europe and North America.

“A global social media strategy must include focused engagement strategies. Embracing user-generated content and evaluating the impact of key influencers is critical, and Ogilvy is a leader in this regard,” adds Marcel LeBrun, CEO of Radian6. “With Radian6’s user-generated influence and engagement metrics, the 360 Degree Digital Influence Team can find, engage and build relationships with those influencers. They can also deepen their understanding of what channels not only effectively deliver compelling messages, but how and why that delivery compels people to take an action.”

For businesses with global operations, Radian6 also supports nine international languages – including English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Korean, Japanese and Simple Chinese. In addition, platform users can filter results by language or by geographic region to segment and analyze results in all areas of the world.

“We have to understand how our clients are perceived and discussed by their customers in the marketplace,” explains Bell. “Our strategists can set up Radian6 quickly based on our clients’ keywords and lexicon. The snapshots we receive of what people are saying make it easier to apply our insight and execute strategic recommendations. Radian6 really helps our experienced strategists use social media to build our clients’ business.”

“We are delighted to have spent the last year working with the Ogilvy 360 Degree Digital Influence team. They’ve been outstanding collaborators, providing us with invaluable insight about how the platform can be enhanced and adapted to meet changing market needs,” concludes LeBrun. “For the public relations industry to continue to evolve, it needs thought leaders like Ogilvy PR to share best practices and push the boundaries of what’s possible in social media. We’re excited that Radian6 is such an integral part of their practice.”

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