Ogilvy North America offers a glimmer of hope for Informed Marketers

Amid the doom and gloom of the current global economic crisis, Ogilvy North America offers a glimmer of hope for informed marketers: seize this moment as an opportunity to grow brands and secure future success.

“This downturn is actually an opportunity to innovate,” advises Colin Mitchell, Chief Strategy Officer for Ogilvy North America. “History shows many brands and companies have been successfully launched during recessions while others have leveraged tough economic conditions to gain significant market advantage. We have at our fingertips, a new constellation of marketing strategies and metrics that can be measured quickly and implemented efficiently. These strategies create upside for our clients.”

In order to inform its clients, Ogilvy North America has published a white paper entitled “Doing More With Less: A Point of View on Marketing in a Recession.” The guide details proven marketing strategies for building market share in downturns with actual case studies that detail how marketers can protect high value customers, capitalize on those customers who are ready to spend, provide a methodology to optimize budget allocation and channel choice, and other business building solutions.

This white paper is the first in a series that Ogilvy Group Worldwide will be publishing around the world. The agency is also launching a new website that will provide relevant research from Ogilvy leaders around the world drawing upon the agency’s experience across all disciplines and regions.

“While some companies do face real cash flow issues, the option of winning marketing share in a recession by smart spending is open to most,” continued Mr. Mitchell. “Making do with less involves not just setting a competitively sensible budget but using it more imaginatively in channels from digital to retail.”

Ogilvy’s 360 degree integrated offering is channel and practice neutral, and the agency has created a range of tactics tailored to local markets to help clients discover the upside to the downturn.

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