Ogilvy China exhibits Revealing Expectations at O Gallery

Ogilvy China has opened a new art exhibition, entitled “Revealing Expectations,” at O Gallery, the creative agency’s purpose-built art gallery located in the reception area of its Beijing office. The unveiling of the exhibit coincides with the launch of the “O Gallery Archive 2005-2008,” a beautiful coffee table book celebrating the contemporary art collections that have exhibited at the O Gallery since its inception in 2005.

With this year’s distinctly uplifting theme, “Revealing Expectations,” Ogilvy paints a picture of hope, optimism and revival for visitors to the O Gallery. Returning O Gallery curator Han Tsungwoo orchestrated the new exhibit which will proudly showcase the works of eight Chinese artists including Song Kun, Liang Yuanwei, Li Jikai, Guo Hongwei, Wu Chitsung (Taiwan), Kong Weimeng, He Jian and Unmask – all of whom have shown their work at previous O Gallery exhibitions.

As a retrospect, Ogilvy has published “O Gallery Archive 2005-2008,” a collection of O Gallery’s most notable works. Featured pieces showcase a range styles and materials used, ranging from conventional Chinese brush paintings to ceramics to abstract sculpture to new media. The book includes a preface by Miles Young, Chief Executive Officer of Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide, as well as a perspective by Li Xianting, a renowned Chinese art critic.

“We couldn’t be more pleased that O Gallery has become a thriving center for emerging Chinese artists whose work reflects many of the emotions that are part of living in this everchanging society,” said Shenan Chuang, CEO of Ogilvy & Mather Group China.

“While many art galleries have closed as a result of the hazy economy, we continue to support O Gallery because we view it as a modest contribution to the development of the Chinese art market which can only continue to thrive with the support and encouragement of the broader society,” added Chuang.

Since its establishment in September 2005, O Gallery has been a platform for discovering and fostering a diverse group of young talents from Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The previous eight exhibitions have each centered on varying themes such as “Complex Feelings on China” and ”The Impression of Strength, the Images of Beauty.” Many of the 44 artists that have showcased their work at O Gallery over the years have seen their careers and reputations blossom; six artists were even named among Hi Art’s ‘Top 20 Young Artists List’ in September 2007.

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