Ogilvy announces Recession Marketing Practice

Ogilvy North America has announced the launch of a dedicated Recession Marketing Practice , specifically created to answer the vital and urgent questions clients are asking with regards to how to “do more with less” in today’s recessionary marketplace.

This new offering brings together Ogilvy’s top experts in marketing strategy, analytics, measurement, email, technology and media to provide its clients with timely solutions to the very significant challenges that most companies are facing in this recession.

Ogilvy has specifically designed a set of “21 Ogilvy Solutions” that deliver proven strategies and methods for maximizing the value and performance of clients’ marketing budgets. The demand for the practice surfaced early in the autumn of 2008 as Ogilvy’s leadership began meeting with clients who were anxiously looking for smart, measurable and cost effective marketing solutions that would support their businesses and brands in this difficult economy.

“The impact of today’s severe recession is far greater than those of the past. However, if there is a silver lining it is that we now have far more powerful measurement; analytics and digital solutions that enable us to deliver quick results with greater efficiency than the approaches that were available in past downturns,” noted Marc Fleishhacker, Managing Director of Ogilvy’s North American consulting business.

The 21 Ogilvy Solutions are all customizable based on specific client needs and offer strategies that focus on topics including: extracting more value from customer databases, further leveraging social media and free media, email and mobile optimization, reengineering loyalty programs, and stringent channel planning, as well as a myriad of fast and highly actionable strategies all focused on rapid assessment and quick delivery of solutions to the current economic crisis.

“Downturns have always proven to be opportunities to build brands and capture market share,” Fleishhacker notes. “Now more than ever, our clients need to monitor what their customers are doing, what they are thinking and how the competition is reacting. Then we develop clear, pragmatic plans to respond in a manner that continues to create value, is faster and more efficient.”

Ogilvy’s Recession Marketing Practice draws on the expertise of the more than 100 professionals in its North American consulting and planning practices to not only recommend solutions, but to quickly activate them in the marketplace and constantly search for opportunities for improved performance.

The new Practice follows the launch, in November 2008, of a global website, that provides a series of downloadable “Ogilvy Perspectives” that draw upon the agency’s experience across all marketing disciplines. The articles were created to help clients seize this particular moment in time as an opportunity to grow their brands and secure future success.

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